What Is about:blank? How To Remove About Blank Blocked?

Have you encountered the “about:blank” phenomenon while browsing a website? If so, there’s no need to worry. This article will delve into the significance of the About Blank option and explore whether you should remove it. If you’re curious to understand more about About Blank, continue reading.

The About Blank, or about:blank, signifies an empty page within your web browser. Whether you’re utilizing Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, selecting About Blank results in the creation of a blank page displaying only the title. This option can also be utilized to open a new blank page in your web browser. Let’s proceed to understand what about:blank is and how to remove it.

What is about:blank?

Blank pages integrated into web browsers serve a crucial role in accessing browser services. These pages are used to execute internal commands, addressing commands within the system. Various options include About:cache, About:plugins, About:blank#blocked, About:blank#blocked StackOverflow, and more.

About:blank pages aren’t entirely devoid of content; instead, they facilitate internal browser actions. It can be characterized as a page without a URL, serving as an inherent function of the browser. However, the recurring presence of about:blank might indicate the presence of malware in the system. If you consistently encounter about:blank in your system, it may be indicative of a malware issue.

What Causes about:blank?

There are various reasons why the About:blank page appears in your web browser. Clicking on a downloading link connected to a web page or encountering loading delays with the link can trigger the appearance of this page. If a page opened through a download link displays nothing, About:blank may start appearing on your screen.


When the web browser struggles to determine what to display based on your search, a blank page may appear. While it is not inherently malicious to your system, continuous looping occurrences may lead to potential issues in the future. Although not a serious problem, experiencing it repeatedly can hinder a smooth user experience, prompting removal if it becomes inconvenient.

How to Get Rid of About:blank Error on Chrome

While About:blank itself is not removable, if it consistently appears every time you launch the web browser, you can change your homepage settings. Below are solutions to address the issue:

  1. Run Antivirus Software:
    • Use antivirus software to scan your system and eliminate potential harmful malware causing the problem.
  2. Clear Browser History and Cache:
    • Clearing your browser’s history and cache may resolve the About:blank issue.
  3. Restore Browser Settings:
    • Open your web browser and go to “Settings.”
    • Navigate to “Advanced” and select “Reset” under this section.
    • Confirm the reset command to return to your homepage.
  4. Use Anti-malware Programs:
    • Employ anti-malware programs to detect and address the causes of about:blank in your web browser.

Is about:blank a Virus or Malware?

No, the About:blank page is not a virus or malware that poses harm to your system. It is generally a blank page displayed by a web browser when there is no content to serve on that page. Additionally, many antivirus or anti-malware programs use about:blank to indicate malicious web pages, suggesting potential harm to your computer from viruses or malware.


This comprehensive guide covered What about:blank is and how to remove it. By following the provided steps, you can eliminate the continuous appearance of the About:blank option in your web browser. If you have any further queries, feel free to drop a comment below.

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