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“While Xfinity Mobile was launched back in 2017, its popularity has not diminished at all. Even now, people are eager to xfinitymobile/activate it on both their new and old phones. Throughout this time, Xfinity’s popularity has only continued to grow.

Speaking of Xfinity, it is a part of Comcast, which is particularly known for providing exclusive deals at an affordable cost. Now, if you are a new Xfinity customer, you may be wondering how to activate Xfinity on your device. However, many users also have old phones, and they too want to know how to activate Xfinity Mobile. With that being said, let’s begin our guide.”

Activate xfinitymobile/activate: New or Old Phone

“There are various methods to activate Xfinity Mobile on both your new and old phones. We will delve into each aspect in detail.”

How to Activate Xfinity Mobile on Your New Phone?

“If you’ve recently purchased a new phone, congratulations on your achievement! Now, you’re here to learn about activating Xfinity, which is the next best step. Without further delay, let’s initiate the xfinitymobile/activate process for a new phone:

  • Take your phone out of the box.
  • Insert the Nano SIM Card into it.
  • On your PC, visit
  • Create a new account using the credentials provided by Xfinity Outlet or store. These details are typically included in the SIM Toolkit.
  • Once you complete the process, the final step is to input your Social Security Number or Phone Number.
  • Enter either of them, and once your account is created, log in.”

“After completing all the steps, simply tap the ‘Activate’ button, and within 30 minutes, the activation process will be complete. Now, your SIM is ready for use.”


How to Activate Xfinity Mobile eSIM?

“If you own an iPhone or any phone that supports eSIM, the process is not significantly different. Visit, follow the exact steps, and then choose ‘Activate eSIM.’

Next, you will receive a QR code on your registered email ID. Ensure not to accidentally delete that email, as it contains the SIM profile.

Scan the QR code, and your eSIM will be activated, pending PIN verification during a call with a customer support agent. That’s it. Xfinity Mobile is straightforward to use with a new phone.”

How to Activate Xfinity Mobile on Your Old Phone?

“If you already have a functional, reliable old phone, there’s no need to purchase a new one just for changing carriers. However, the steps for activation are a bit more extensive compared to what you’d need for a new phone. Nevertheless, let’s get started:

  • Keep Everything Handy: Ensure that you know your Google ID and Password or Apple ID and Passcode. Additionally, if you plan to keep your old phone number and port it to Xfinity Mobile, keep the old mobile bill accessible.
  • Visit an Xfinity Store: Head to an Xfinity Store and submit your documents, including your ID proof, Social Security Number, and, if you wish to retain your phone number, your Port Code and last paid bill.
  • Activating the SIM Card: Upon returning from the store, you should have the SIM card, but it won’t be activated. Follow these steps: a. Insert the Nano SIM Card into your old phone. b. Open your PC and go to xfinitymobile/activate. c. Create a new account using the credentials from Xfinity Outlet or store. These details are typically provided with the SIM Toolkit. d. Once the process is complete, enter your Social Security Number or Phone Number again and log in. e. Tap the ‘Activate’ button, and within 30 minutes, the activation process will be complete. f. If activation is not completed, contact customer care, verify your details, and your SIM will be activated.
  • Start Using Xfinity: Now that everything is set, you can start calling your contacts and enjoy the affordability and speed that Xfinity offers.”

Additional Information

“While everything should be fine after this, if you encounter issues, ensure that you update Carrier settings. Here’s our guide on updating carrier settings on Verizon. However, more or less, the steps are the same, except for the URL.”

The Bottom Line | 

“Well, that’s all we have here about how you can activate Xfinity Mobile on your new phone as well as your old phone at We hope this guide has helped you. If you still have any queries, make sure to comment down below.”

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