Top 50 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2024

The iPhone boasts numerous features that unquestionably contribute to delivering a premium user experience. Furthermore, delving into the realm of iPhone secret codes reveals an abundance of functionalities designed to perform specific tasks and provide insightful information about your device. Acquainting yourself with these codes is sure to streamline your tasks on the iPhone.

Given the multitude of available codes, pinpointing the most beneficial ones can be a challenging endeavor. Therefore, the primary objective of this post is to furnish you with the finest iPhone codes, facilitating your day-to-day activities.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2024

Numerous codes are available to perform various tasks on the iPhone. I’ve consolidated all the essential iPhone Secret Codes in one place, and they are shared below. It’s advisable to review each code’s description to understand its specific function.


  • Hide Caller ID
    • To hide your Caller ID, dial *31# followed by the mobile number. This is useful when you want to make anonymous calls, provided your carrier supports it.
  • Enter Field Test Mode
    • Dial 3001#12345# to enter Field Test Mode, where you can access detailed information about your network. Note that this feature works only on iOS 10 or earlier devices.
  • Check IMEI Number
    • To check your iPhone’s IMEI number, dial *#06#. This unique 15-17 digit number is crucial for tracking your phone or when selling your device.
  • Check & Change Call Waiting Status
    • Check status: *#43#
    • Enable: *43#
    • Disable: #43#
    • Call Waiting notifies you of another call when you’re already on one. Verify and manage the status using the provided codes.
  • Check & Change Call Barring Status
    • Check status: *#33#
    • Enable: 33Sim Pin#
    • Disable: #33*Sim Pin#
    • Activate or deactivate call barring using the specified codes.
  • Check, Change Call Forwarding Status & Divert Calls
    • Check status: *#21#
    • Enable/Disable: *21#
    • Divert calls: *21 phone number#
    • Use these codes to manage call forwarding and divert incoming calls to another number.
  • Show Your Caller ID
    • *82 followed by the number you’re calling: Use this code to display your number on the receiver’s screen.
  • Know Local Traffic Information
    • Dial 511 to receive local traffic information without an internet connection.
  • Check & Disable Alert System
    • Check status: 500525371#
    • Disable: 500525370#
    • Manage emergency and government alerts by checking or disabling the alert system.
  • Check SMS Center
    • Dial #50057672# to check the SMS center number, which handles text message routing.
  • Check the Number of Missed Calls
    • Dial *#61# to view the number and count of missed calls on your iPhone.
  • Other Important iPhone Secret Codes
    • Various codes for postpaid and prepaid users to check calling minutes, bill balance, and available balance.

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