How to Use Fatal to the Flesh Website

“The platform Fatal to the Flesh presents users with a chance to engage in creative expression on a blank canvas, free from concerns about targets or progressing through levels.

Created by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004, this website serves as a space for individuals to showcase their talents and leisurely spend their time. Here is a comprehensive guide to everything you should know about Fatal to the Flesh.”

What is Fatal To The Flesh?

“When users first visit Fatal To The Flesh, they encounter a blank white screen. As they move the cursor, fragments appear against a white and red backdrop, resembling wounds on the skin. Additional pieces emerge as the cursor traverses the screen, allowing users to create simulated bloody wounds on a white canvas.

This platform provides a digital outlet that may serve as an alternative to actual self-harm, emphasizing that it does not endorse or promote self-harm. Instead, it offers users a distraction from harmful thoughts by engaging in simulation games on the site.

By using Fatal To The Flesh, individuals can express their emotions in a non-destructive manner. The website becomes a space where users can channel their grief onto a blank page through the medium of a simulation game.”



The website serves as a symbolic deterrent, resembling signs, to discourage individuals from causing harm to themselves. Utilizing a simulation approach, this platform helps prevent potentially life-threatening decisions by offering an alternative outlet. By engaging with this site, individuals can interrupt self-harming behavior and safeguard themselves from self-inflicted injuries. Users can channel their emotions onto a virtual canvas resembling the human body rather than directing harm towards their actual selves. Each simulated cut features red markings, enhancing realism for users interacting with the website.

Technical Details Upon accessing the Fatal to the Flesh website

Users are directly led to a blank page without any accompanying description or instructions. The depth and appearance of the simulated cuts depend on the speed of the mouse movement.

Faster mouse movements result in deeper incisions, accompanied by the emergence of more red drops. The website holds a trust rating of 67%.”

“Due to the website’s age and the implementation of HTTPS protocols, it boasts a positive trust rating. Trusted rating providers do not specify any country in the technical data of the site.

The domain has been in existence for 17 years and 298 days, registered on February 8, 2004. Common belief suggests that a longer domain age enhances a website’s credibility.

Despite its extended existence, there is no information available about the website’s developer or author. Additionally, the site lacks essential technical details.”

Using Fatal to the Flesh Website in 2023

“The website is user-friendly, requiring visitors to access a blank sheet that can be resized according to their preference. Moving the mouse swiftly across the screen results in a zoom-out effect, revealing depth.

Additionally, slow rotation of the mouse produces small strokes on the screen. Apart from these features, the website provides other harmless games, serving as a digital alternative for users to engage in self-expression without causing harm.”

Final Words

“This concludes the information on Fatal to the Flesh 2022. If you ever feel the urge to engage in physical harm, consider using this website as a digital alternative. However, if you consistently experience such emotions, it is advisable to seek guidance from a professional rather than relying solely on websites of this nature.”

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