Fire Blanket Basics: The Must-Know Information for Every Homeowner

Fire safety is a crucial aspect that every homeowner needs to consider. It’s not just about having a fire extinguisher or smoke alarms, but it’s also about having a fire blanket. Fire blankets are an essential tool that every home must have. They are designed to extinguish small fires before they grow into something more significant. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at fire blanket basics, what they are, how they work, and the different types of fire blankets available.

What is a Fire Blanket?

A fire blanket is a commercial-grade piece of equipment that is designed to extinguish small fires quickly and efficiently. They are made from non-combustible materials, such as fiberglass, wool, or Kevlar. Fire blankets come in various sizes and shapes, but they are typically rectangular or square and are available in a 1×1 meter or 1.2x 1.2-meter size. They are also available in different types of packaging, with some available in soft cases and others more rigid cases.

How Does it Work?

Fire blankets work by smothering the fire, depriving it of oxygen, and preventing it from spreading further. It’s important to remember that fire blankets are only effective on small fires that can be completely covered by the blanket. So, if a fire is too large, your primary goal is to evacuate your home and call 911. To use a fire blanket, throw it over the fire source, and ensure that the flames are entirely covered. Leave the blanket covering the origin of the fire for a few minutes to ensure that all the flames have been extinguished.

Types of Fire Blankets

There are two types of fire blankets, which are Kitchen and Welding fire blankets.

Kitchen fire blankets – These are suitable for fires that start in the kitchen, such as those involving liquids, cooking oils, or electrical appliances. Since most kitchen fires involve fire from oil or grease, you should ensure you purchase a fire blanket that can withstand high temperatures.

Welding fire blankets – These are designed for welding operations to protect surrounding areas and people from sparks, spatter, and molten metal. Welding blankets are made from heavy-duty materials and can withstand high temperatures.


Fire blankets are usually durable and can last up to ten years with proper maintenance. It’s crucial to keep them in their packaging and in a dry and cool place. You should regularly inspect your fire blanket and ensure it’s free from damage and any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any damage, it’s best to replace your fire blanket.

As a homeowner, your top priority is the safety and security of your family and property. One of the most common household accidents is a fire, and it can happen to anyone at any time. It is crucial to have the right equipment on hand to deal with it. A fire blanket is one such safety device that can quickly extinguish small fires and prevent them from spreading. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about fire blankets, including their types, uses, and maintenance.

What Is a Fire Blanket and How Does It Work?

A fire blanket is a safety device made of fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass or wool. It is designed to extinguish small fires by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire, smothering it. When a fire blanket is wrapped around the flames, it creates a barrier between the fire and the oxygen in the air, suffocating the flames. The blanket should be left over the fire for a few minutes to make sure it is entirely out.

Types of Fire Blankets

There are two types of fire blankets available on the market: Standard and Kitchen. A standard fire blanket is suitable for dealing with Class A fires, which are fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper, or cloth. A kitchen fire blanket is specifically designed for dealing with Class F fires, which are fires involving cooking oils and fats. They are essential for kitchens and cooking areas and can help prevent a small kitchen fire from turning into a major inferno.

Uses of a Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is an essential safety device that can be used in various situations. They can be used to extinguish small fires in the kitchen, fire pits, barbeques, and small electronics. By quickly containing small fires, fire blankets can prevent them from escalating into more significant dangerous fires. They are also useful in rescuing a person whose clothes have caught fire by wrapping them in a fire blanket and rushing them to the medical center.

Maintenance of Fire Blankets

A proper maintenance routine is essential for fire blankets to remain effective. Regular cleaning, inspection, and replacement are essential to ensure they are in good working condition when needed. Fire blankets should be cleaned after every use and inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear. If a fire blanket becomes damaged or shows signs of wear, it must be replaced promptly.


In summary, every home should have a fire blanket. It’s essential, especially in areas with higher risk, such as in the kitchen or workshops. Remember, a fire blanket is only effective in extinguishing a small fire, so if a fire has gotten out of control, leave your home immediately and call 911. Ensure you carry out regular maintenance checks and replace your fire blanket if damaged. It’s better to invest in a fire blanket and never have to use it than risk the alternative.

A fire blanket is a cost-effective, essential safety device that every homeowner should have on hand. They are easy to use, quick to deploy, and can save lives and prevent property damage in the event of a fire. By understanding the basics of fire blankets, you can confidently choose and use them to protect your family and home. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never risk your safety by attempting to put out a fire that is out of control.

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