Top 7 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students 2023

TextSheet, a widely known online educational platform, previously offered Chegg solutions through a Chegg API. If you’re a college or high school student, chances are you were familiar with this site. It gained immense popularity, becoming a go-to resource for students seeking assistance with daily homework and assignments. If you’re reading this, you likely have been a dedicated TextSheet user.

TextSheet Alternatives for Students/College-goers:

For those unfamiliar with or wondering why it gained such popularity, let’s provide a brief overview. TextSheet served as an online education site where students could obtain free help with ongoing homework and assignments. While there are premium alternatives with similar functionalities, TextSheet stood out by being completely free and feature-packed. Students embraced TextSheet, utilizing it daily for their educational needs.

As TextSheet gained widespread popularity, attracting millions of users, it eventually faced challenges. The platform garnered significant traffic, aiding millions of students with their academic tasks. However, the reason for TextSheet’s removal from the internet lies in its method of providing answers. TextSheet sourced responses by extracting information from other platforms like Chegg, utilizing a Chegg API to compile a comprehensive site. Unfortunately, many users were unaware of the origin of the answers they received or how TextSheet operated.

1. School Solver:

School Solver stands out as the premier online micro-tutoring platform, offering students swift and straightforward solutions to their questions while providing online freelancers/tutors with a quick source of income. In addition to addressing original queries, many users leverage the platform for unblurring Course Hero answers and obtaining prompt, cost-effective Chegg solutions, positioning it as an excellent alternative to TextSheet.

Notably, School Solver underscores its unique feature of enabling tutors to earn repeatedly from the same answer. When students pose identical questions, the platform redirects them to existing answers, allowing tutors to generate substantial income, potentially earning $500 from a single response.

Explore School Solver: School Solver


Course Hero serves as an online platform where users can access a wide range of courses. By utilizing the search box, individuals can effortlessly find answers to their queries. Notably, Course Hero allows users to filter questions based on school name, subject, and various other criteria.

With an extensive collection boasting more than 25 million courses, Course Hero offers a vast array of learning opportunities for students. The standout feature of Course Hero is its accessibility—it is entirely free to use, providing users with the ability to unblur Course Hero answers. Waste no time; visit Course Hero to have all your questions addressed.

Visit Course Hero: Course Hero


Moving on to the next alternative for Textsheet, the most notable option is Slader. I consider it the best substitute for Textsheet due to its comparable UI and functionality. Just like Textsheet, Slader provides answers to all your questions, accompanied by detailed explanations.

Slader offers both free and paid versions of its site. The primary distinction lies in the presence of advertisements on every page in the free version (which is relatively unobtrusive), while the paid version is ad-free. If you are seeking a Textsheet alternative that mirrors the same experience, give Slader a try—you won’t be disappointed.

Visit Slader: Slader


Introducing Study Lib – true to its name, Study Lib serves as an extensive library for all your homework and assignments. What sets Study Lib apart is the broad spectrum of subjects for which they offer answers. Whether it’s Science, Math, English, Polity, or any other subject, Study Lib provides precise solutions with detailed explanations.


If you’re not seeking answers to a specific question and instead wish to delve deeper into a subject, Study Lib offers various sections where you can explore different questions related to the subject of your choice. Additionally, if you excel in a particular subject, you have the opportunity to contribute to the site. Study Lib is undeniably a community dedicated to helping students solve their homework, assignments, and research papers. Regardless of your academic level, Study Lib has got you covered. Be sure to explore what they have to offer.

Visit Study Lib: Study Lib


Enter Crazy for Study – the name says it all, doesn’t it? Crazy for Study is an impressive platform boasting an extensive collection of answered questions designed for both high school and college students. The claim is massive, with more than 50 million resources available to cater to the needs of every student, accompanied by detailed explanations.

Fifty million resources – now that’s an extraordinary number, right? If you’ve wrapped up your homework but thirst for more knowledge on a particular subject, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Crazy for Study offers a plethora of online classes on various subjects, all entirely free of charge. For those eager to delve deeper into a specific subject without spending a dime, Crazy for Study is the go-to site.

Explore Crazy for Study: Crazy for Study


Chegg provides an array of offerings at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional bookstores. From book rentals and online courses to course reviews and 24/7 support, Chegg offers a comprehensive set of resources. Notably, Chegg features a Math Solver, a key element on the website that provides step-by-step explanations for nearly every problem. If you encounter difficulties while working on your homework, worry not – Chegg has got you covered. Access Chegg Answers for free and explore the various study resources.

Discover Chegg for Study: Chegg

7. PaperHelp

This platform simplifies the process of completing your homework effortlessly. Each day, students find themselves sacrificing sleep, putting in extra effort, and feeling drained, all to savor the unique experience of student life. Managing this demanding routine becomes particularly challenging when faced with additional assignments, such as essays on topics like euthanasia, capital punishment, or the legalization of marijuana.

These are our top recommendations for websites similar to Textsheet. If you believe we overlooked any of your favorite sites, please share them in the comment section.


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