VPS vs Root Server

It is inevitable that you will have to consider hosting when launching a new website. Would you like your project to be responsive, fast, or flexible? Which is better, a VPS or a root server? 

Choose the right solution based on the benefits of each. From DomainRacer and DedicatedCore, you can choose both VPS and root servers. Choose DedicatedCore’s affordable and feature-rich best VPS NVME Indian hosting solutions, ensuring high-performance servers and reliable uptime.

Exactly what is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

This is a virtual machine and a virtualized server, also known as a virtual private server. A shared server appears as a dedicated private server, allowing you to store your website’s files and data. 

Each virtual machine shares the same physical web space as many others. It features the privacy of a dedicated server while allowing for individual configurations with DedicatedCore.

It is possible for many virtual machines to share the resources like memory, disk space, content, CPU speed, etc. on the server. They build their optimal virtual private server with nvme ssd & fully managed hosting resources for you.

Despite this, they are independent, so you can customize them and have unlimited bandwidth.

Exactly what is a Root Server?

Basically, a root server is your own physical server you use to host your websites(s). With this package, you don’t get access to a part of the server like with a virtual private server. The root server is also called a dedicated server.

This approach offers you the possibility to increase your resources, while also giving you control over your servers’ hardware and software.

DedicatedCore Dedicated servers allow you to choose between AMD and Intel processors, for example. The software on that physical hardware can also be controlled by you.

Continuing with the housing analogy. You can compare owning a dedicated server to owning a home. Your building is 100% yours – it belongs only to you. Furthermore, you are free to customize everything you want.

Comparison of VPS Server and Root Server

We’ve got some comparisons between VPS and root servers below.

The architecture

As an affordable alternative to a root server, VPS servers can be compared. You can think of it as a smaller version of a Dedicated Server. A DomainRacer VPS has fixed resources it can use in an isolated environment. 

Enjoy the freedom to install and configure your preferred software on a leading dedicated server in deutschland, granting you full administrative access. Dedicated Servers, but, are entire physical servers that a single client buys and uses only.

The Allocation of Resources

DomainRacer VPS servers split resources between many virtual environments. The virtual and physical servers communicate through hypervisors, and each is isolated from the other. In the case of a root server, one user gets all the resources. As a result, users have access to tons of resources.

Performance of Your Site

The Google SEO algorithm takes website performance, like the site’s speed and user interface, into account. With VPS, your website can load faster and improve user experience because of the amount of resources you get. 

In terms of performance, root servers are one of the most effective options. There’s no need to share resources when you have a root server. Thus, dedicated hosting ensures fast loading times and greatest performance.

The Security Thing

Owners of root servers have full control over their systems. Also, you can make your own hosting packages too. Because you own the server, you can optimize the resources while keeping your security up to date. 

A DedicatedCore dedicated server gives you more control, more power, and better security. Having multiple clients sharing web space and a limited number of choices opens up security risks with virtual servers.

Setup and Customization

They both give you root access, so you can tweak the server how you want. If you mess up, you’ll be locked out of your site as any misadventure could lock you out. With both hosting types, you can easily solve this problem with the managed plans. Managed hosting takes care of getting the stuff done, leaving you free to do other things.

The cost

Root servers cost more than virtual private servers, almost three to four times as much. Among web hosting services, shared hosting is the most affordable. The price of a VPS is significantly higher than shared hosting but less than dedicated hosting. VPS hosting shares web space among many users, so hosting costs are shared among them. 

A scalable solution

You won’t need to set up a virtual private server, so setting up a dedicated service is faster and easier. There’s only one client per physical server on a dedicated server. The client gets full control over the resources, like bandwidth load, hard drive space, speed of the processor, storage, RAM, etc. 

You can host your website, play games, and do so much more with a DedicatedCore dedicated server.


The specifications of a VPS are pretty similar to those of a dedicated server. All you get is limited resources. You can’t upgrade your server if it’s getting heavy traffic. With DedicatedCore and DomainRacer, you can purchase root servers and VPS servers. 

Then you can move your data to your new VPS and buy a cheap VPS with advanced resources. 

The root server, i.e. dedicated server, still controls the private server though you have access to it. 

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