Windows 12 ISO Download, Release Date, Requirements, Installation

At the start of 2021, the idea of a new Windows version seemed improbable, but Windows 11 has already been adopted by approximately 20% of PCs in the market. The question now arises: will Microsoft announce the release date for Windows 12, and if so, when?

There are indications that Windows 12 might be on the horizon. Microsoft has shifted to a new development cycle for Windows, with major releases occurring every three years, and additional feature releases in between. Following this cycle, the next major version, Windows 12, is expected to be available in 2024, three years after the launch of Windows 11 in 2021.

Expected Features of Windows 12

  • The upcoming operating system will introduce distinct hardware requirements and is anticipated to be compatible with virtual reality systems.
  • Windows 12 will feature a completely revamped design, departing from previous design patterns. However, users will find it easy to navigate.
  • Users will have the option to choose between the start-up menu and the homepage.
  • Instead of relying on third-party software like Bandicam or Camtasia, Windows 12 will offer users an integrated screen recorder.
  • Anticipations include the inclusion of a built-in, high-efficiency antivirus to safeguard computers from external threats.
  • A notable addition is the Aero glass transparency, bringing a modern aesthetic to Windows 12.
  • With the introduction of the latest Windows 12 operating system, users can look forward to a suite of exciting new apps specifically tailored for this platform.
  • Windows 12 aims to manage RAM consumption efficiently, providing users with an uncomplicated way to modify settings.

Now, the question arises: What enhancements and new features might Windows 12 offer?

It is currently too early to definitively outline all the features that may be incorporated into Windows 12. As of now, no features have been leaked, and Microsoft has not officially confirmed the existence of Windows 12. However, there are rumors suggesting that Microsoft has initiated a new engineering project named “Moments,” which aims to introduce new features throughout the year.

Numerous enhancements are presently undergoing testing within Windows 11 version 22H2, and users of Windows 11 can anticipate accessing these features later in the year. Observing the Windows Insider Program offers insights into potential developments. Weekly releases are made available to Windows Insiders, with some showcasing new search bar styles.

This list of features is subject to change until the official release of Windows 12. Some features may be rolled out to both Windows 11 and Windows 12 users, while others might not be implemented at all. By examining the current features in preview for Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Program, you can get a glimpse of what Windows Insider is actively testing.

Certain features may be exclusive to Windows 12, while others may be introduced to Windows 11 first. As of now, this is the extent of information available about Windows 12.


If Windows 12 is released, a primary concern for many users would likely be whether an upgrade would incur charges. Following Microsoft’s established trend of providing significant Windows updates at no cost to existing users over the years, it seems reasonable to expect that the transition from Windows 11 to Windows 12 will also be free, mirroring the precedent set during the transition from Windows 10 to 11.

Considering Microsoft’s historical practices, there are indications that eligible PCs currently running Windows 10 may have the option to receive a complimentary upgrade to Windows 12.

However, if you intend to install Windows 12 on a custom-built computer, you would be required to purchase a retail license for the future desktop OS directly from Microsoft.


Hardware Requirements

Microsoft is unlikely to impose more stringent regulations to exclude older PCs concerning the hardware requirements for Windows 12. While Microsoft prioritizes computer security, it is probable that the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) requirement will persist.

However, there is a chance that the company may raise the minimum CPU requirements for Windows 12. Nonetheless, if your existing device meets the specifications for running Windows 11, it is reasonable to expect it to handle Windows 12 without any issues.

Outlined below are the anticipated hardware requirements for Windows 12 to provide a brief overview:

  • Processor: 1GHz or higher dual-core processor, 64-bit compliant, and featuring at least two cores (SoC).
  • Memory: Minimum 4 GB of RAM.
  • Storage: 64 GB or more.
  • System firmware: Support for Secure Boot and usage of UEFI.
  • TPM: The TPM Trusted Platform Module, version 2.0.
  • Graphics Card: Compatibility with DirectX 12 or later and the WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • Display: Support for 8 bits per color channel, high definition (720p), and displays larger than 9 inches diagonally.

How to Download Windows 12 ISO 64 Bit

As previously mentioned, Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the existence of Windows 12. Current information is based on rumors suggesting a potential release in 2024.

However, if assumptions hold true, the download process for Windows 12 is expected to follow a similar procedure as it did for Windows 11.

What is Windows 12 Lite?

Windows 12 Lite is described as a 64-bit Linux-based operating system featuring a completely redesigned interface and updates. It pledges a range of features that have the potential to significantly transform the operating system. However, it’s crucial to note that despite its promising attributes, it remains a Linux distribution and cannot fully replace the Windows operating system currently on your PC. For alternative installations, there are several excellent Linux distributions available.

This version boasts remarkable features, such as being three times faster than the current Windows 10, boasting a boot time of approximately 15 seconds, ensuring bug-free updates, and more. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive array of preinstalled drivers, eliminating the need for users to install any additional drivers.

Is Windows 12 Lite legit?

Certainly not, we cannot categorically label the news about Windows 12 Lite as fake, but it is indeed misleading. This version is not an official creation by Microsoft; instead, it has been developed by editing and customizing the original Windows 10 with little to no acknowledgment of its actual developer.

Upon further investigation, it became apparent that this version is entirely based on the Ubuntu-based Linux operating system. Its design is primarily geared towards facilitating a smooth transition for individuals accustomed to Windows to easily adapt to Ubuntu.

Should you Download Windows 12 

I strongly discourage my readers from downloading fake versions of Windows 12, even if they make enticing promises of numerous benefits. Engaging in such downloads can lead to various issues, including privacy concerns, security risks, and potential system problems.

Additionally, we have identified certain websites that mislead users by offering downloads of older Windows versions or fake files. It is highly recommended to refrain from participating in such activities and avoid downloading any files of this nature onto your PC.

Windows 12 ISO Expected Release Date

Indications suggest that Windows 12 is reportedly in the pipeline. As per a report by Windows Central, it is anticipated that Windows 12 will be introduced in 2024, approximately three years following the release of Windows 11.

While Microsoft has not officially confirmed these reports, there are claims that Windows 12 is currently in development. In the interim, Microsoft intends to proceed with updates for Windows 11, with plans to release the Windows 11 22H2 version later this year.


This encompasses all the essential information about Windows 12 ISO, features, and the anticipated release date in 2022, along with the expected new features it will introduce. Thus, this concludes our coverage of Windows 12.

Everything discussed here pertains to features, the potential release date, instructions on how to download Windows 12, and the circulating rumors surrounding it. Given that Microsoft has not made any official announcements, all that remains is to await the official release date of Windows 12. We trust this post has been informative. If you possess any insights or knowledge about Windows 12, kindly share them in the comments section below.

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