Fix Vizio Smart TV Keeps Freezing, Lagging, Freezing, Restarts

When considering American smart TV brands that offer a balance of affordability and value for money, Vizio often comes to mind. Vizio smart TVs are competitively priced, deliver impressive picture quality, and boast various features. Despite the fact that their operating system may not be as polished, this is generally acceptable given their price range. However, issues and bugs can occasionally undermine the ‘affordable’ aspect, and one such concern is the occurrence of freezing and shutting off with Vizio Smart TVs.

Adopting a smart TV, whether for home or office, represents a significant shift from traditional TVs to larger screens, catering to the demands of streaming and entertainment. The larger screen enhances the binge-watching experience and provides improved access to additional features. Nowadays, smart TV users also engage in gaming for a more immersive experience. Vizio-branded smart TVs are generally lauded for their quality and performance, with occasional stutters and freezes being the main drawbacks.

While a momentary freeze may be a minor inconvenience for some users, others find it troublesome and inconvenient. A simple reboot typically resolves the freezing issue in most cases. However, not everyone is fortunate enough or technologically inclined to deal with recurrent problems. Additionally, a straightforward restart may not always be effective in resolving freezing or crashing issues.

Fixing Vizio Smart TV Freezing, Lagging, and Restart Issues

If you browse through online forums, you may find that Vizio smart TVs tend to freeze randomly without any specific reason. This issue can be attributed to various factors that need further discussion.

Possible causes include an outdated system firmware version, a slow internet connection, issues with the remote control, Bluetooth connectivity glitches, insufficient power delivery, outdated applications, full memory or storage, and more.

Thankfully, you can manually perform the following steps on your Vizio smart TV to address freezing and shutdown issues effectively:

  • Reboot the Vizio Smart TV
    • Press the Menu button on your Vizio smart TV remote.
    • Navigate to System using the navigation keys.
    • Select Reset & Admin.
    • Choose the Soft Power Cycle option.
    • Wait for the reboot to complete.
  • Power Cycle the Vizio Smart TV
    • Turn off your Vizio Smart TV and unplug the adapter from the power socket.
    • Wait for a couple of minutes.
    • Press and hold the Power button on the TV/remote for about a minute.
    • Repeat the steps to release static charges.
    • Plug back the Power cable and turn on the Vizio Smart TV.
  • Check the Power Connection Properly
    • Ensure the power cable is securely connected to the power outlet.
    • Reconnect the power cable to another socket/outlet to rule out power-related issues.
  • Check the Internet Connection
    • Navigate to the Network option in the TV’s Menu.
    • Choose Test connection to run a connectivity test.
    • Address internet-related issues by rebooting the router or modem.
  • Switch to a Higher Wi-Fi Channel or Bandwidth
    • Access the Wi-Fi Router’s admin panel via a web browser.
    • Switch to the 5GHz band for a potentially better connection.
  • Check for System Software Updates
    • Turn on the Vizio smart TV.
    • Open the Menu tab and select System.
    • Choose Check for Updates and update the system software if available.
  • Update All Outdated Applications
    • Press the V or VIA button on the remote control.
    • Select the application to update.
    • If an update is available, select it; if not, choose Delete App and reinstall.
  • Disable Auto Power Off Settings
    • Turn on the Vizio smart TV and go to the Menu tab.
    • Open the Timers option and disable Auto Power Off.
    • Adjust Sleep time to prevent sleep mode.
  • Change the Picture Mode
    • Access the Picture option in the Vizio smart TV Menu.
    • Go to Picture Mode and toggle different options.
    • Reboot the TV to apply changes.
  • Disable Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)
    • Power on the Vizio smart TV and go to the System option.
    • Select CEC and turn off this feature.
    • Restart the TV and check for further issues.
  • Reinstall Recently Installed Third-Party Apps
    • Press the V button to open SmartCast Menu.
    • Select View all apps and uninstall/reinstall specific apps.
  • Clear Cache Data
    • Go to the main menu on your Vizio smart TV.
    • Select Settings and choose General.
    • Clear Cache and restart the TV.
  • Factory Reset the Vizio Smart TV


  • Go to the Menu tab and select Reset and Admin.
  • Choose Reset TV to Factory defaults.
  • Enter the Parental control code and confirm.
  • Wait for the factory reset to complete.
  • Contact Vizio Support
    • If none of the methods work, contact Vizio Support for assistance.
    • Submit a report ticket with the necessary details for further investigation.

These steps cover a range of potential issues, and if you have further questions or encounter the same issue, feel free to comment below.

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