How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

For many individuals in the past year, the challenge of working from home was intensified by constant distractions, particularly from buzzing notifications on their iPhone or Mac. Maintaining focus became a tough task.

This is where Apple Watches come into play. They are a popular choice because they excel at managing and filtering notifications. However, ensuring your Apple Watch stays charged is vital for its proper functioning. But what if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten your Apple Watch charger?

The good news is that it’s possible to charge your Apple Watch even without the usual charger. So, if you’re curious about how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger, keep reading this guide for the solution.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger in 2023

When it comes to smart technology, the Apple Watch is hard to beat. Its intuitive interface, modern aesthetics, and incredibly stylish design make it an ideal companion for those striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Operating the Apple Watch is as simple as a touch or a click, but ensuring it stays charged is crucial. Before delving into how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger, let’s review the standard method of using a traditional charger. Follow these steps:

  • Remove your Apple Watch from your wrist before charging.
  • Plug a USB power adapter or charging cable into a USB port.
  • Place the back of your watch on the concave side of the charger.
  • Ensure the watch’s back aligns with the magnets on the Apple charger; a green lightning bolt symbol on the screen indicates correct alignment.
  • It takes approximately two to three hours for your Apple Watch to reach a full 100% charge.
  • Once fully charged, remove the Apple Watch from the charger.

The charging interfaces for all Apple Watch models are the same, allowing you to use a single charger for any model you have. However, if you find yourself without a charger and want to explore how to charge your Apple Watch without one, continue reading this guide until the end.

Is It Practically Possible to Charge Your Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Charging your Apple Watch without a charger is possible, and we’ve provided some methods below for you to try. Feel free to get creative to make it work. When your Apple Watch battery is low, a red lightning bolt symbol will appear, indicating it needs charging. However, be cautious not to overcharge your watch. While the process may seem challenging for beginners, it’s not difficult.

Whether you’re away from home or have misplaced your charger, there’s no need to worry. Even without the charger, you can still charge your watch. If you find yourself without the charger, follow the guide to the end to discover how to charge your Apple Watch without one.

Method 1: Use Hidden Port Trick

Sure, here’s a rewritten version:

If you happen to own an Apple Watch and are curious about charging it without the conventional charger, let’s delve into its history first.

Shortly after the Apple Watch’s release, a concealed port was discovered in the bottom band of the device.

Once the cap is removed, a six-pin port is revealed, seemingly serving no apparent purpose.


However, Apple experts can utilize this diagnostic port to troubleshoot and optimize Apple Watch software when issues arise.

In 2015, some individuals discovered that this port could facilitate faster charging. This insight inspired Reserve Strap to develop the inaugural battery band for the Apple Watch, aiming to charge the device while it was being worn.

They demonstrated that the watch charged 6-7% faster using conductive charging through the diagnostic port compared to the standard Apple Watch charger.

However, Apple swiftly discontinued this product, citing concerns about health risks related to overheating, electrical sparks, and potential hazards associated with on-the-wrist charging.

As of now, Apple has not made substantial progress on its patent for a wrist-chargeable battery band.

Method 2: The Batfree Power Strap by Togvu

In 2019, a company named Togvu introduced an innovative Apple Watch charging band known as the Batfree Power Straps. This band allowed users to charge their Apple Watches while still on their wrists. Interested individuals had the opportunity to pre-order a limited number of these charging bands through Kickstarter to support and fund the project.

Method 3: Use Apple Watch Power Charger

Despite the project launching several months ago, there has been no update on the progress of the chargers, and customers have not been reimbursed.

For those whose Apple Watches lack the hidden port, an alternative method must be found to charge the device. Using a charger is not the sole solution, so let’s explore other ways to address the issue of how to charge an Apple Watch without a charger:

#1. Use The USB Charger

Wondering how to charge your Apple Watch without a charger? Well, you can utilize any Mac, laptop, or even a PC to charge up your Apple Watch using a USB charger. The added convenience lies in its USB connection, making it more versatile than a standard cable.

Not only is it user-friendly, but it’s also portable. Serving as a keychain, you can attach it to your bag or other keys for on-the-go charging.

#2. Use A Portable Battery Pack

For those who forgot their charging cable at home, this presents a great alternative option, eliminating the need for an extra piece of equipment.

Another option is to use a portable battery pack. In situations where you find yourself without a charger but your Apple Watch needs a boost, these battery packs can come to the rescue. Simply connect the battery pack to the watch using the USB charging cable that came with your Apple Watch, and the power bank will take care of the charging.

#3. Use iPhone’s Charger

If you have an iPhone, you can use its charger to charge your Apple Watch. Almost everyone with an iPhone has its charger handy. Plug the iPhone charger into a wall outlet, connect it to your Apple Watch, and voilà, your watch will start charging. This proves to be a handy option in tricky situations when you need to charge your Apple Watch without its original charger.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Apple Watch

Millions of users around the world have various questions about Apple Watches. While the Apple team addresses most inquiries, there are still a few that haven’t been covered. In this article, we’ll explore some of those remaining questions. Let’s dive in.

Why won’t my Apple Watch turn on?

Apple Watches may become unresponsive when their batteries are depleted. If your current charger isn’t effective, consider trying an alternative charging cable and charger. If the watch still doesn’t charge, it’s advisable to check for any defects in the device.

Why is my Apple Watch only showing a red lightning bolt and the time?

If your Apple Watch is only showing the current time or a red lightning bolt, it could be in Power Reserve mode. This mode is automatically activated when your Apple Watch runs out of battery.

To address this issue, if you notice your Apple Watch has a low battery, you can use the previously mentioned methods to charge it and resolve the problem.

Can You Charge Apple Watch with my iPhone?

The Apple Watch chargers are not compatible with either your iPhone or iPad. It is recommended to use the original charger that was included with your Apple Watch. Some developers have tried using the hidden six-pin diagnostic port for purposes other than Apple’s original intention, but Apple has taken measures to block such attempts.


So, that concludes the guide on charging an Apple Watch without a charger. In summary, it’s important to remember that utilizing the Apple Watch’s hidden port is the only alternative method for charging when no other options are available. That’s all for now. We trust that this guide has been beneficial. If you have further questions or need more information, feel free to comment below and let us know.

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