How to Set Facebook Marketplace Settings to Local Only

Using Marketplace allows you to engage in buying and selling transactions, fostering meaningful interactions, and discovering new items through e-commerce platforms. Additionally, there are no hidden fees associated with listing or purchasing items when you have an active Facebook account.

You have the option to search for and purchase items from other Facebook users nationwide, or you can list and sell items to them. Communicating with other users is simple through Messenger, whether you’re buying or selling. Moreover, Facebook Marketplace is highly effective for locally selling your own products.

However, not all users are acquainted with the process of setting up or utilizing Facebook Marketplace for local transactions. If you find yourself among those users, there’s no need to worry, as this guide has something for you. Let’s explore this guide together until the end.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an innovative feature that enables individuals to sell, buy, and explore goods aligned with their interests. This digital marketplace allows users to engage in local buying and selling with others in their community. To access the new features on Facebook Marketplace, simply click on the Shop icon at the bottom of your Facebook app. It’s important to note that Facebook is not responsible for the legal terms of transactions conducted outside of the platform.

Why Choose Facebook Marketplace Local Only?

Opting to obtain a purchased item within your city is more convenient compared to sourcing it from a foreign country. Facebook Marketplace users are shifting their preferences, seeking products available nearby to ensure quick acquisition without incurring shipping costs.

Furthermore, users may change their Marketplace locations when in search of specific products. Some items actively sought in the United States market may not be accessible in Canada or the United Kingdom.

This discrepancy is due to certain products being available in specific markets but not in others. Consequently, adjusting the Facebook Marketplace settings location becomes crucial if you wish to purchase items from individuals in your local country, state, or city and pay in your local currency.

How to Change Facebook Marketplace Settings to Local Only

When seeking local purchases, conceal the “Ships to You” option to refine your search for desired items. Unfortunately, the complete deactivation of “Ships to You” listings on Facebook is not possible. However, you can exclude them from your search results, allowing you to focus solely on local products. To discover local listings, the initial step involves limiting your search. So, let’s first explore how to set local listings:

Set Local Listings on Facebook Marketplace

Local Listings is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, allowing you to view items listed by your neighbors in your region or territory. To activate this tool, follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Click the Marketplace button. Android users can find it at the top of their Facebook News Feed, while iOS users can locate it at the bottom.
  • Select “Categories” located in the upper right corner and choose “Local Listings,” which is the first option beneath the search bar.
  • Click the map icon to refine your search.
  • If the recommended radius is not satisfactory, you can adjust it or use the location and search radius. You have the flexibility to modify it within 0.6 miles or approximately 965.6 meters.
  • After adding your location, at the bottom of the screen, apply your selection whether you’ve opted for the “Suggested Radius” or “Customized Radius.”


Steps View Facebook Marketplace Local Only:

With the new feature in Facebook Marketplace, you can now browse items more accurately based on your location by setting up a Local Listing. Follow these steps after completing the above instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook App > Marketplace > Categories.
  2. Click on “Local Listings” and tap on the Map Icon.
  3. Choose your preferred region or radius and click apply.
  4. Search for an item by its name.
  5. Below the search bar, click on Filters.
  6. Click on Sort By.
  7. Select “Distance: Nearby First.”
  8. On an iPhone, tap “See Listings,” and on an Android device, tap “See Items.”

Steps to View Desktop Facebook Marketplace Local Only:

You can configure the Facebook Marketplace local-only settings on your computer if you wish to explore them further. Fortunately, the good news is that despite some menu changes, the pathway and process remain consistent. To learn how to do it, follow these steps:

  1. On the Facebook web, click the three horizontal lines at the top left corner and choose Marketplace.
  2. To modify the location, click on the “Change Location” link under “Today’s Picks.”
  3. Choose a location and a radius. Once finished, click Apply.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facebook Marketplace Offer Local Delivery?

This question is common among those who are employed or have a busy schedule. Individuals can make purchases on Facebook Marketplace through various local partnerships that offer home delivery services. Unfortunately, customers residing outside the designated delivery zone need to explore alternative delivery methods.

Opting for local delivery presents an opportunity to save both time and money on your Facebook Marketplace purchases. Local delivery services typically provide efficient and secure service with a professional approach.

Additionally, using local delivery eliminates the need for strangers to appear at your doorstep, as there is no requirement for them to know your exact address. However, it’s important to note that Facebook’s local delivery is not suitable for shipping large items, as it is limited to products of a certain size.

Is a VPN Necessary to Change my Facebook Marketplace Location?

If you wish to alter the location of your Facebook Marketplace account, there’s no need for a VPN. Utilizing the built-in settings is a secure and convenient option, as Facebook allows you to easily switch between selling locations.

Does Facebook marketplace allow you to search by location only?

Certainly, the answer is affirmative. Upon customizing the Facebook Marketplace for your specific area, the product categories will be organized based on the location. On the local listings screen, you can discover items in your vicinity, along with the contact information of the seller.

What Are The Products That You Can Sell on Facebook Marketplace Local Only?

In the Facebook Marketplace, nearly any product can be listed, provided it adheres to pricing and legal constraints. In %99 of cases on the Facebook Marketplace local-only, you can discover items in the following categories:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Family
  3. Hobbies
  4. Classifieds
  5. Clothing & Accessories
  6. Home & Garden
  7. Housing
  8. Deals
  9. Electronics
  10. Vehicles

Encountering issues while selling on Marketplace is exceedingly rare for Facebook users. Sellers earn revenue when an order is placed for shipping, with only a 5% charge.

Wrap Up

So, that concludes our guide on setting up or utilizing Facebook Marketplace for local transactions. We trust you find this article valuable. However, if you require additional information, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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