5 Best MMA Streaming Sites To Watch UFC Fights Online

Are you a fan of MMA who loves tuning in to UFC fights on television? Many MMA streaming platforms come with a price tag, which can be disheartening if you’re seeking free access to UFC fights. While numerous websites and platforms require payment for streaming MMA content, there are a select few that provide free access to UFC content, listed below.

Best MMA Streaming Sites To Watch UFC Fights

If you’re in search of a compilation of free MMA streaming sites for 2023, this article is tailored for you. We’ll highlight some of the top sites that offer free MMA streaming.

ESPN+ stands out as one of the leading platforms for streaming sports events. While the majority of the content on this site is typically subscription-based, there are free offerings available. The platform covers various sports, and amidst the paid content, you can enjoy free access to UFC Fight nights and other MMA events.

While a significant portion of the content on ESPN+ requires payment, there are specific items available for free streaming on the website.

For those seeking free MMA streaming, UFC Streams is another notable option. This website allows you to watch fights in up to 1080p resolution without any charge. It exclusively offers live streams, and you won’t find archives of past fights on the site.

Upon visiting the site, you’ll have access to a comprehensive list of upcoming fights, complete with essential details such as opponent information, time and date, quality, and other relevant information.


Crackstreams is an additional streaming platform that broadcasts MMA fights as well as NBA, NFL, XFL, NCAAF, boxing, and more. In terms of its layout, the site bears a resemblance to UFC Streams, but it provides access to a variety of sports beyond just free MMA streaming. The site is, of course, free to use, allowing you to stream MMA fights without any payment.

If you’re interested in live streaming MMA and UFC fights, this website doesn’t host sports content itself. Instead, it aggregates streams from other sites and displays them. The site covers MMA fights and a wide range of other sports. If you have an interest in sports beyond just MMA and UFC fights, this site is a reliable go-to.

However, to stream content on this site, it’s advisable to use a VPN or an ad blocker. The website features numerous ads that might disrupt your experience, and employing a VPN or ad blocker can effectively block these interruptions.

The final addition to our list of free MMA streaming websites is Mama HD. This site offers free sports streaming, including matches and various activities. It provides content in high quality. Unlike other platforms, Mama HD allows you to engage with like-minded individuals, facilitating interactive sessions while enjoying your favorite sports on the site.

Live Stream UFC – How to Watch

How can fans of combat sports catch all the live action on the night of UFC 295, set to be the ultimate PPV event from the leading MMA organization in 2023?

Despite the anticipation surrounding this upcoming UFC match, many are unsure about how to live stream UFC 295. Fret not! This guide is here to assist you in understanding how to effortlessly watch UFC 295 on your device come May 6. Let’s delve into the details of the guide.

How To Watch UFC 295 Live Online Free 21st October 2023

UFC Fight Pass: This serves as the official streaming service for the UFC, allowing fans to view all fights both live and on-demand. While a subscription is required, it ensures top-notch streaming quality and provides access to an extensive library of previous fights.

Pay-Per-View (PPV): UFC events are frequently accessible through PPV platforms, allowing viewers to buy access to the event and enjoy live coverage from the convenience of their homes.

Broadcasting Partners: Depending on your location, there may be designated broadcasting partners with rights to air the event. These partners could include cable or satellite TV networks, as well as online streaming platforms.

Sports Bars and Restaurants: In certain regions, sports bars and restaurants obtain the rights to broadcast the event. Watching the fights at these venues offers a lively atmosphere, allowing you to share the experience with fellow fans.


UFC 295: Procházka vs Pereira

UFC 295 is poised to captivate the Madison Square Garden in New York on November 12, 2023, featuring the much-anticipated light heavyweight title showdown between Jiří Procházka and Alex Pereira. This event stands as a pivotal moment in UFC history, uniting two formidable fighters in a clash that assures both intensity and lasting memories.

Procházka vs Pereira – A Must-Watch Match:

The main card, slated to start at 3:00 AM UTC, features Jiří Procházka, representing Czechia, defending his light heavyweight title against Brazil’s Alex Pereira. Procházka, recognized for his dynamic fighting style and remarkable track record, confronts a formidable opponent in Pereira, who has gained renown for his striking prowess and strategic acumen. The closely aligned odds underscore the intense competition and the unpredictable nature of the outcome.

How Much Does UFC 295 Cost When it Comes to Poirier vs. Gaethje 2

ESPN+ offers pay-per-view for the main card of UFC 295, and a subscription is required. For existing subscribers, UFC 295’s PPV is priced at $74.99. There’s also a bundle option for $99.98, which includes both the UFC 295 pay-per-view and an annual ESPN+ subscription, resulting in a savings of over 30 percent.


  • $74.99 (for ESPN+ subscribers)
  • $99.98 (for new subscribers)

Full UFC 295 Fight Card:

Full UFC 295 Fight Card:

Bout OrderWeight ClassFighter 1vs.Fighter 2Nationality (Fighter 1)Nationality (Fighter 2)
Main CardLight HeavyweightJiří Procházkavs.Alex PereiraCzechiaBrazil
Main CardHeavyweightSergei Pavlovichvs.Tom AspinallRussiaUnited Kingdom
Main CardWomen’s StrawweightJessica Andradevs.Mackenzie DernBrazilBrazil
Main CardLightweightMatt Frevolavs.Benoît Saint-DenisUnited StatesFrance
Main CardFeatherweightDiego Lopesvs.Pat SabatiniBrazilUnited States
PrelimsFlyweightSteve Ercegvs.Alessandro CostaAustraliaBrazil
PrelimsWomen’s StrawweightTabatha Riccivs.Loopy GodinezBrazilMexico
PrelimsLightweightMateusz Rębeckivs.Nurullo AlievPolandTajikistan
PrelimsLightweightNazim Sadykhovvs.Viacheslav BorshchevAzerbaijanRussia
Early PrelimsLightweightJared Gordonvs.Mark MadsenUnited StatesDenmark
Early PrelimsBantamweightJohn Castanedavs.Kyung Ho KangUnited StatesSouth Korea
Early PrelimsFlyweightJoshua Vanvs.Kevin BorjasUnited StatesPeru
Early PrelimsFeatherweightDennis Buzukjavs.Jamall EmmersUnited StatesUnited States

Final Words

These are among the top free MMA streaming websites accessible. We’ve covered the leading sites for high-quality, free HD streaming of MMA and UFC events. If you plan to spend your evening watching MMA fights, explore these websites that provide MMA streaming.


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