How To Unblur Course Hero Documents for Free

In today’s rapidly advancing world, the utilization of technology is on the rise, with an increasing number of technical apps daily that facilitate communication and knowledge sharing. The landscape of sharing and acquiring knowledge has been transformed by online learning platforms. Numerous services now exist to offer educational assistance online, and Course Hero is among them.

For those familiar with Course Hero, the concept of unlocks may not be new. Course Hero is an educational technology website based in Redwood City, California. It operates an online learning platform accessible to students for course-specific studies. To access all features on Course Hero, a membership is required. However, some questions on Course Hero are intentionally blurred due to the absence of written answers.

Course Hero plays a crucial role in aiding students by providing free and subscription-based study resources, along with opportunities for tutors to earn by assisting in educational courses. While a free account grants access to documents available in the library, a premium account is necessary for unlimited content. In this discussion, we’ll share some free accounts and explore alternative methods to access Course Hero content for free.

The Course Hero website boasts a searchable library containing over 20 million study documents. These documents, contributed by both students and educators, serve as valuable resources to support college studies. They aid in learning new concepts and preparing for exams.

Course Hero Packages

When searching for a study document, you may have noticed certain sections appearing blurred. Ever wondered why? The answer lies in the document being locked. Unlocking the document removes the blurriness, allowing you to study it, and you can even download it for future reference.

Course Hero offers Premium Subscription plans with the following prices:

  • One-year plan: $9.95 per month
  • Three-month plan: $19.95 per month
  • One-month plan: $39.95 per month

While unlocking Course Hero documents typically involves a monetary transaction, there are a few ways to obtain unlocks for free. Simply create an account and log in to access these unlocks at no cost.

Features of Course Hero Account

Course Hero offers an extensive array of courses and study materials catering to the needs of students. As a Course Hero user, you have the opportunity to secure scholarships.

The platform provides round-the-clock access to tutors and study materials, ensuring continuous support for users.

By sharing Course Hero media with friends on social media, users stand a chance to earn scholarships of up to $5000. Additionally, answering straightforward questions presents the opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship.

Users can further secure a $3000 scholarship by uploading any eight of their documents. Courseheroes is a platform beneficial for both teachers and students, allowing students to learn and teachers to earn.

How to get Course Hero Free Accounts (6 Ways)

Below, we’ve outlined six methods that can assist you in obtaining free accounts or unlocks for courses and documents. Be sure to read the entire article for:

1. Free Course Hero Accounts 2023

2. Uploading Study Documents on Course Hero

By uploading documents to Course Hero, you gain access to study materials and a library of courses. Each time you upload a document, you receive a credit that enables you to unblur the document of your choice at no cost.

3. Using Plugins to Unblur Documents

With plugins such as Unblur StudyBlue, you can effortlessly access the documents of your choice that are blurred on Course Hero without any issues.


4. Rating Contents on Course Hero

If you prefer not to upload any documents or use plugins, you can easily navigate to your account and provide ratings for the content already available on Course Hero, uploaded by tutors.

5. Referring to a Friend

If you’re not interested in any of the methods mentioned above, you can simply refer Course Hero to a friend and receive $25, which can be used for tutor access. Once your friend signs up, both of you will receive free trial access to Course Hero.

Certainly, you can obtain free unlocks by following the provided steps.

  1. Firstly, create an account and log in.
  2. Next, complete the specified actions to earn free unlocks.
  3. You have the option to upload your original study material or documents to assist others in their learning journey.
  4. Upon successful upload of every ten materials, you will receive 5 free unlocks.
  5. These unlocks remain valid for 30 days and can be utilized to view and download complete documents.

Additionally, creating a quiz earns you three unlocks, and rating five pieces of content grants you one unlock.

1. Upload 10 Documents and Earn 5 Unlock

2. Make a quiz

Wondering how to create a quiz? Simply navigate to your unlocked documents and click on “Quiz Yourself” to initiate the quiz-making process. Upon completion, you will receive 3 unlocks, and the reward will be delivered within 1 hour.

It’s important to note that this reward is exclusive to new users creating a quiz for the first time.

3. Rate 5 pieces of content

To obtain free unlocks, you should rate your unlocked documents, earning a reward of 1 unlock for each rating. After submitting 5 ratings, you will receive an additional unlock within 1 hour. This is the process for acquiring free unlocks.

4. Unblur CourseHero

Visit Coursehero’s official website. Locate the document you wish to unblur and highlight the blurred portion of the content. Right-click on the highlighted area and select ‘Inspect.’ In the opened window, locate a ‘div’ tag with an ‘anon-hide obscured’ parameter. Right-click on the tag and opt for ‘Edit attribute.’ For the new ‘class’ element, input ‘None’ and then reload the page. It’s important to note that this workaround exploits a bug on the CourseHero website, which could be rectified at any time. Additionally, this trick may only work on specific documents, so if it doesn’t work on yours, you can skip this part.

Final Words

In conclusion, Course Hero proves to be a valuable platform for individuals seeking continuous learning and the opportunity to share knowledge with others. This article has outlined several methods to access and unblur Course Hero documents and courses for free. We hope you find this information beneficial. If you do, consider sharing this article with your friends to contribute to our growth and reach as many people as possible. Cheers!

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