IVR Best Practices to Boost Customer Support

An automated phone system known as an IVR, or interactive voice response system, communicates with callers by voice commands or keypad options. Callers navigate a menu of possibilities until they reach their preferred location. Although they may not know the phrase “IVR system,” they probably utilize one whenever they contact a big company.

Ways to boost customer support with IVR Best practice 

Businesses may optimize the calling process to guarantee that the most significant number of customers are happy with the calling experience by adopting cloud-hosted IVRs. The IVR optimizing recommended practices listed below may significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Callers are connected to live agents. 

Callers may use self-help options offered by the IVR system to address customer care concerns without the assistance of a live representative. Many callers still choose to speak with a live person rather than utilizing self-service solutions when it comes to complex customer concerns.

Improve the clarity and humanity of the IVR system.

It is a well-established psychological reality that we infer our attitudes, sentiments, and opinions about what someone says not just from their words but also from their body language and tone of voice.

In contrast to customer care representatives, an automated IVR cannot enhance client conversations via body language or facial expression.  

Never end a call from a consumer.

Customers often choose the incorrect menu item, which causes the IVR service to terminate the call—a mistake best avoided. The IVR service provider should repeat the menu selections if the consumer chooses the incorrect option. A consumer will feel appreciated and valued as a result.

Cut Down on Call Hold Time

Ensure the IVR’s choices are simple so users can navigate them. If a consumer inadvertently selects the incorrect input, IVR should also provide a second choice to return to the previous and primary menu.

Allow Client Callback 

It enables the agent to contact the client based on their availability without disappointing them, proving to be a win-win solution for all parties. If the call wait lasts longer than a set minimum amount of time, the decision-makers must include a callback option while building the IVR system.

Put First Call Resolution Front and Centre

Cloud IVR systems provide skill-based call routing and offer call routing and forwarding choices. By sending the call to the agent, department, extension, or call queue that is most qualified to handle the situation, a company may use this functionality to address customer service concerns at the first encounter or engagement. Customer satisfaction and turnover are greatly improved by first-call resolution.

Avoid sending callers to other channels of communication.

These days, customers may communicate with a company via several methods. However, clients who contact a company directly prefer the phone over other forms of communication. The decision-makers must refrain from directing calls to alternative channels like websites, mobile applications, or chatbots while developing or customizing the IVR system. Sending them to another medium may result in angry and disgruntled customers.

Examine the Custom IVR Solution Before Use.

A company must test the IVR system to evaluate its performance fully. The test findings assist the decision-makers in determining the adjustments and improvements needed to improve customer service delivery efficiency while lowering consumer effort. 

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 The customer experience often sets companies and brands apart in today’s cutthroat international market. Your customer experience plan must include your IVR system. When engaging with your company, your callers will have a better customer experience if you design and use an IVR system that is contemporary, simple to use, and has a natural flow.

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