The Top 10 Wedding Photography Trends Of The Year For Sunshine Coast Brides

Wedding photography has evolved significantly over the years, with each season bringing new trends and styles. If you’re planning your wedding on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in wedding photography to ensure your special day is captured beautifully. Here are the ten biggest trends in wedding photography. Brides on the Sunshine Coast should keep these in mind as they choose their photographers.

  1. Candid And Photojournalistic Shots

Gone are the days of stiff, posed portraits dominating wedding albums. Candid and photojournalistic styles are taking centre stage. Wedding Photographer focusing on capturing genuine moments, emotions, and candid interactions. On the Sunshine Coast, this trend is perfect for showcasing the natural beauty and spontaneity of your wedding day against stunning coastal backdrops.

  • Drone Photography

Aerial shots captured by drones are becoming increasingly popular in wedding photography. Drones offer a unique perspective, allowing photographers to capture breathtaking aerial views of your wedding venue, beachside ceremonies, and outdoor receptions. The Sunshine Coast’s scenic landscapes make it an ideal location for incorporating drone photography.

  • Minimalist And Ethereal Editing

The trend of heavily edited, dramatic photos is making way for a more natural and ethereal style. Brides on the Sunshine Coast are opting for softer, more organic editing that enhances the beauty of their surroundings. Subtle colour grading, soft tones, and a focus on natural light contribute to this trend’s popularity.

  • Destination Wedding Elopements

Elopements and intimate destination weddings have gained popularity, and photographers are following suit. Sunshine Coast elopements offer an opportunity for couples to have a more personalized and intimate experience. Photographers are specializing in capturing the essence of these unique, small-scale celebrations.

  • Sustainable Wedding Photography

Eco-conscious couples are seeking out photographers who prioritize sustainability in their work. Sunshine Coast brides are choosing photographers who use eco-friendly practices, such as film photography or digital editing techniques that reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Black And White Photography

Black and white wedding photography has made a comeback. This classic style adds a timeless and elegant touch to your wedding album. Sunshine Coast brides are embracing black and white photos to capture the beauty of their coastal weddings timelessly.

  • Creative Use Of Lighting

Photographers are getting more creative with lighting techniques to add drama and uniqueness to wedding photos. The Sunshine Coast’s sunsets and outdoor venues offer the perfect canvas for photographers to experiment with creative lighting setups, producing stunning results.

  • Incorporating Nature

Sunshine Coast weddings often take place in lush outdoor settings, and photographers are capitalizing on this by incorporating nature into their shots. There will likely be pictures of the bride and groom surrounded by the area’s local plants and animals, which will add a touch of natural beauty to the wedding story.

  • Cinematic Wedding Films

Many photographers are now offering cinematic wedding films in addition to traditional photography. These films provide a dynamic way to relive your wedding day, capturing not just images but also movement, emotions, and audio. Sunshine Coast brides are increasingly opting for this immersive experience.

  1. Authentic Storytelling

Lastly, storytelling has become a cornerstone of wedding photography. Photographers craft narratives through their images, creating a visual story that captures the essence of the couple’s journey and their special day. Sunshine Coast brides value the authenticity and emotional depth of this trend.


As you plan your wedding on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, consider incorporating these top wedding photography trends to make your day even more memorable. Whether you’re drawn to candid moments, drone photography, or sustainable practices, there’s a trend that will resonate with your vision for capturing the magic of your wedding day. Embrace these trends and work closely with your chosen photographer to ensure your Sunshine Coast wedding is beautifully documented for years to come.

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