How to Fix My Tinder Account Is Under Review

In the past few years, Tinder has become widely popular as a dating application. Millions of individuals seeking love or friendship use it due to its user-friendly interface and swipe feature. However, it’s crucial to be aware that Tinder is not without its challenges, and one common issue is account reviews. If you’re experiencing the “Tinder Account Under Review” error message and are curious about how to resolve it, this article provides insights into why your account may be under review and offers guidance on restoring it to normalcy.

Why is My Tinder Account Under Review?

Failure to adhere to Tinder’s rules can lead to your account being flagged for review. These rules apply to all users, and non-compliance may result in your account being flagged. Tinder may review your account for the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate content: Tinder strictly enforces policies against inappropriate content, including nudity, graphic violence, or hate speech.
  • Spamming: Sending unwanted messages or using the app for commercial purposes can lead to account flagging.
  • Fake profiles: The creation of fake profiles is prohibited on Tinder, and accounts found in violation will be suspended.
  • Account hacking: If Tinder detects any signs of hacking on your account, it may undergo a review.
  • Violation of terms of service: Any violation of Tinder’s terms of service may result in your account being flagged for review.

Now that you understand why your account is under review, let’s explore how you can address this situation.

How to Fix My Tinder Account Is Under Review 2023

Here are some solutions that will assist you in resolving the error message “Tinder account under review”:


Step 1: Review the Guidelines

If your Tinder account is under review, the initial step is to verify that you are not in violation of any guidelines. Refer to Tinder’s website for these guidelines, encompassing aspects like profile pictures and messaging. After familiarizing yourself with the guidelines, make necessary adjustments to your profile to ensure compliance.

Step 2: Submit a Review Request

If you believe your account adheres to the guidelines, you can initiate a review request with Tinder. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Tinder app and click on the profile icon at the top left.
  • Select “Settings,” then go to “Contact Us.”
  • Choose “Submit a Request” and provide any additional information that may aid in resolving the issue.

Please be aware that Tinder receives a large number of requests, so it may take some time before you receive a response.

Step 3: Be Patient

While it can be frustrating to have your account under review, it’s crucial to exercise patience and allow Tinder the necessary time to complete its review process thoroughly. You can still use the app during this period, but please note that certain features may be limited.

Step 4: Reach Out to Tinder Support

If you haven’t received a response regarding your review request after a few days, kindly reach out to Tinder support. You can visit the Tinder Help Center or contact them through their social media channels. When seeking support, ensure to provide as much information as possible.

Step 5: Create a New Account

If other solutions prove unsuccessful, you may have to consider creating a new account if your current one is still under review. While not the most preferable option as it involves starting over and crafting a new profile, it might be your only recourse if restoring your existing account is not feasible.

Some Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs

How can a Tinder scammer use my number?

Tinder scammers can engage in various harmful activities with your phone number, and most of them are detrimental.

They may contact you using your phone number, assuming a false identity, often incorporating your name and address. Scammers might employ your phone number to send phishing messages, accompanied by links to fraudulent websites designed to extract personal information.

Your phone number can be exploited in identity theft schemes, enabling scammers to access your online accounts or apply for credit cards and loans in your name.

In certain cases, scammers may attempt to blackmail you by threatening to release embarrassing photographs or obtained information unless a ransom is paid.

Scammers might sell your phone number to telemarketers or other fraudulent entities, resulting in an increase in unwanted calls and messages.

Someone posing as you with your phone number may scam your friends or family members, soliciting money or private information from them.

To safeguard yourself from scammers, exercise caution in sharing your phone number.

What does the blue check on Tinder mean?

On Tinder, the blue check functions as a verification badge, confirming the authenticity of a user’s profile. This badge fosters a higher level of mutual trust among users and reduces the likelihood of encountering fake profiles or bots within the app.

To attain the blue check, Tinder necessitates users to provide either their phone number or link their Facebook account. Subsequently, Tinder verifies the user’s identity by cross-referencing this information with other sources.

Within the app, a blue checkmark is displayed next to the name of a verified user. This badge serves as evidence that the profile belongs to a legitimate individual independently verified by Tinder. Additionally, it expedites the swift identification of verified profiles, distinguishing them from potentially counterfeit or fraudulent ones.

While not every Tinder profile features a blue checkmark, users have the option to undergo the verification process based on their preference. Establishing a verified profile enhances credibility and trustworthiness on the app, potentially facilitating easier connections with other users seeking genuine interactions.

Sum up

Therefore, this concludes the resolution for the Tinder Account Under Review error message. We trust that this guide has been helpful. If you have additional questions or need further information, please feel free to comment below.

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