How to Turn OFF Ads on Tubi TV

Discovering quality streaming apps and services without any associated costs can be challenging. Initially, users found themselves in a dilemma when deciding on a free content streaming app. Tubi TV emerged as one such platform offering free content streaming, prompting users to make the switch.

However, a significant drawback exists – users are required to endure advertisements to access free content on Tubi TV. Many users remain uncertain and continue to search for the query “Does Tubi have Ads?” as they aspire to enjoy content without interruptions. Despite this, Tubi TV includes ads during content streaming, causing disruptions for users seeking uninterrupted viewing experiences.

What is Tubi TV?

Tubi stands out as a renowned streaming video application, offering free streaming services. Users can enjoy a diverse range of on-demand content through this app, which boasts over 51 million viewership. In 2020, FOX acquired Tubi. Notable shows available on Tubi include Malcolm X, Antwone Fisher, Training Day, Coraline, The Masked Singer, and Hell’s Kitchen, ensuring an engaging viewing experience for users.

Why does Tubi have Ads?

Numerous users express disappointment upon encountering advertisements on Tubi. Their dissatisfaction stems from the desire to access free content, only to be interrupted by ads every 15 minutes. With each ad lasting 2 minutes, viewers end up watching an additional 8 minutes of ads for every 60 minutes of content. This has left many users discontented, prompting them to question why Tubi incorporates ads. We’ve outlined some reasons for this, and it’s advisable to review them.


Operation Cost

Tubi offers users both free and premium content for streaming. However, to provide free access to the app’s content and maintain servers, the company incurs operational costs. Additionally, ongoing enhancements and new features are regularly introduced to ensure seamless video streaming.

To finance these upgrades, the company hires developers and invests in various services, relying on revenue generation. Following an ad revenue model, Tubi displays ads to users as a means of generating the necessary income. This approach is one of the key reasons behind Tubi’s inclusion of ads.

Exclusive Content

In case you’re unaware, Tubi offers users exclusive content that isn’t accessible on other streaming apps. The shows and videos available on Tubi are unique to the platform and cannot be found elsewhere.

The allure of exclusive content makes Tubi a favorite among users. However, creating and maintaining such exclusive content involves significant investment. Tubi covers these expenses by utilizing the revenue generated through ads. This provides further insight into why Tubi incorporates ads into its platform.

Is there any way to get rid of ads on Tubi?

We understand that users may find it inconvenient to encounter ads during binge-watching sessions. However, Tubi includes ads as a necessity to cover its operational expenses. Running a substantial app like Tubi independently is challenging, and ads play a crucial role in generating revenue from users.

Despite users expressing a desire to eliminate ads, there are limited options available. Removing ads on Tubi is dependent on the capabilities of the TV being used, and no changes or modifications can be made to the app through software alterations. Attempting to use ad blockers or other applications may result in channel restrictions, and it is important to note that using such tools to block Tubi ads is illegal.

Nevertheless, there are alternative methods that users can explore to potentially minimize or eliminate ads on Tubi.

How to Watch Tubi TV Without Ads

As mentioned earlier, using external apps to block ads on Tubi is not recommended, as it may lead to complications and potential blocking of your access to Tubi. Nevertheless, there are alternative methods available, particularly through adjustments on your TV. Below, we have outlined some ways by which you can block ads on Tubi TV.

On Roku

If you’re utilizing Roku, blocking ads on Tubi is a straightforward process. Roku permits users to disable ads on their TV, and you can achieve this by following the steps outlined below:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Navigate to your Settings.
  • Choose the “Privacy” option.
  • Select the “Advertising” option.
  • Uncheck the Ad tracking option.

By completing these steps, ads will no longer be displayed on your TV while using Tubi.

On Firestick

For Firestick users, blocking ads on Tubi is a simple process as Firestick provides users with the option to control ad visibility. Follow the steps below to block ads:

  • Navigate to the Homescreen.
  • Search for the Settings Option.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Choose the Preferences Tab.
  • Select the Privacy section.
  • Proceed to the “Interest-based ads” option.
  • Uncheck all the options. This action will effectively block ads on your Firestick.

Wrapping Up

Tubi stands out as a popular streaming app offering free and exclusive content. Despite its appeal, users express dissatisfaction with the frequent display of ads every 15 minutes, each lasting 2 minutes and disrupting uninterrupted binge-watching experiences. Regrettably, there are no verified apps or methods to block ads on Tubi, and attempting to do so may result in being blocked.

This post provides some suggested approaches for attempting to block ads on Tubi. We hope that following this guide will enable you to enjoy Tubi streaming without interruptions. Additionally, we trust that your query regarding whether Tubi includes ads has been addressed. That concludes today’s post; until next time!


  • How can I prevent ads on Tubi? There are currently no verified methods to block ads on Tubi. Despite some users considering the use of ad blocker applications, it’s essential to note that attempting to block ads on Tubi is against the terms of use and may lead to potential restrictions on using the platform.
  • Is it possible to enjoy Tubi without ads? Unfortunately, Tubi does not provide any subscription options to eliminate ads. Viewing two-minute ads every 15 minutes is a requirement to stream content on Tubi.
  • Is Tubi entirely free? Yes, Tubi is completely free, allowing users to watch any show without the need for a subscription. However, the trade-off is that users must endure brief ad interruptions every 15 minutes while streaming content.

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