How to Get a Map in Satisfactory and Reveal Map

“Satisfactory, a first-person 3D open-world factory simulation game, was released in 2019 and has since garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional gameplay experience.

For newcomers, the game encourages exploration and resource gathering without initially providing a map. However, as you advance in the game, a map becomes available to enhance navigation within the expansive in-game world.

Having a map is crucial for seamless navigation in any game, and Satisfactory is no exception. If you’re unsure about obtaining a map in Satisfactory, fear not—I’ll walk you through the entire process and assist you in unlocking the map within the game.”

How to Get a Map in Satisfactory?

“The inclusion of a map significantly enhances user experience in the game, proving to be one of the most valuable additions.

With the map, players gain insight into the vast 5.4KM x 5.4KM game area, allowing for a 45-minute traversal from one end to another, depending on the chosen mode of transportation. It facilitates exploration of diverse locations and the establishment of bases. Initially, the game lacks a map, but players can acquire it through research in the Molecular Analysis Machine.

Unlocking the Molecular Analysis Machine (M.A.M) requires completing the field research challenge in tier 1 of the game. This machine becomes increasingly beneficial as players progress, offering improved research items based on their current resource holdings. Successful completion of tier 2 enables players to search for different quartz varieties using the resource scanner.

Once the necessary resources are secured, players can initiate the research chain within the Quartz tree, collecting nodes and mineable deposits. This involves placing a regular miner on the deposits to gather quartz. Completing the research chain demands 10 crystal oscillators and 10 beacons.

The map stands as the fifth item in the research chain, providing players with a valuable navigational tool for their in-game endeavors.”

How Does The Satisfactory Map Work?

“After unlocking the map, it’s essential to utilize it effectively. The process is simple: press “Z” to access the map and easily review the areas you’ve explored. The map offers various features, displaying the following information:

  • Current Position
  • Dropped Crates
  • Hub Locations
  • Vehicles Locations
  • Power Slugs
  • Creatures
  • Resource Nodes
  • Resource Wells
  • MAM (Molecular Analysis Machine)
  • Pioneer
  • Death Crates
  • Truck Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Radar Towers
  • Drone Ports

Information on resource nodes and wells is permanent, not limited to a 25-second duration after scanning. The map also provides additional details about radar towers within your range.

While the total amount of power slugs, some sloops, Mercer Spheres, and Crash Sites is accurately displayed, their specific locations remain undisclosed.

It’s important to note that the map omits certain information, including:

  • Poison Gas
  • Cracked Boulders
  • Accurate locations of power slugs, some sloops, Mercer Spheres, Crash Sites, etc.
  • Resource Deposits”


How To Use The Satisfactory Map Properly?

“Now that you’re familiar with the process of obtaining the map in Satisfactory, it’s crucial to understand how to utilize it effectively.

The map introduces several handy features to enhance your gameplay experience.

Markers & Stamps:

Easily place markers and stamps on the map to pinpoint various elements. Markers allow you to assign personalized names, sizes, and icons to objects like homes, vehicles, and water. For instance, water is marked with the color blue. Stamps can be placed by pressing the alt button and marking with your mouse, without the need to open the map.


The map includes a filter option that enables you to change icons for different items, configurable for both the map and the compass. When aiming at a location, you can view the X & Y coordinates, providing the ability to navigate to specific points.

Player Structures:

The map also displays basic details of factory plans or other structures placed by fellow players. Uploading saved files to the map allows you to view the factory plans, providing valuable insights into the game world created by other players.”


  • Is there only one map in Satisfactory?
    • Yes, Satisfactory features a single map, but it encompasses various biomes within that unified world.
  • What is the best starting map in Satisfactory?
    • The grass field is commonly chosen as the starting point, given its reputation as one of the most visually appealing locations in the game.
  • How big is the Satisfactory map?
    • The Satisfactory map is extensive, covering an area exceeding 5.4 square kilometers, providing ample space for exploration.


This concludes the process of obtaining a map in the Satisfactory game. Follow the outlined steps to add this valuable tool to your gaming experience and enhance overall gameplay. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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