What Does Genji Say When He Ults – Detailed Guide

What Does Genji Say When He Ults, Genji, a beloved hero in the popular online game Overwatch, possesses a range of powerful abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. One of his most iconic moves is his ultimate ability, which triggers a flurry of swift strikes, capable of eliminating multiple enemies in a matter of seconds. Apart from his impressive combat skills, Genji’s ultimate ability is accompanied by a distinctive quote that resonates with players. In this article, we will delve into what Genji says when he ults and explore the significance of his words in the game.

Understanding Genji’s Ultimate Ability

Before we dive into Genji’s ultimate quote, let’s briefly understand his ultimate ability. Genji’s ultimate ability is called “Dragonblade.” When activated, Genji unsheathes his sword and gains enhanced agility and speed. With each swing of his blade, he delivers devastating damage to opponents within range, swiftly eliminating them. It is a visually striking and high-impact ability that requires precise timing and execution.

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Genji’s Ultimate Quote

When Genji initiates his ultimate ability, he utters a powerful phrase in Japanese: “Ryūjin no ken o kurae!” In English, this translates to “Take my blade!” This quote is instantly recognizable to Overwatch players and has become synonymous with Genji’s ultimate ability.

Significance of Genji’s Ultimate Quote

Genji’s ultimate quote holds significant meaning within the game. The phrase “Ryūjin no ken o kurae!” not only adds an authentic touch to the character but also serves as a representation of his Japanese heritage. It reflects Genji’s determination and commitment to his mission, as he unleashes his full potential and seeks to vanquish his adversaries. The quote embodies Genji’s relentless spirit and dedication to his cause, making it a memorable and impactful aspect of his character.

Impact on Gameplay

The impact of Genji’s ultimate quote goes beyond its symbolic significance. In the heat of battle, the audible cue of his quote serves as an alert to both teammates and enemies that Genji is about to unleash his devastating sword strikes. Teammates can use this audio cue to coordinate their actions, supporting Genji’s assault or preparing for a strategic maneuver. On the other hand, enemies must be vigilant when they hear Genji’s quote, as it signals an imminent threat that requires swift reaction and defensive measures.

Strategies for Using Genji’s Ultimate Ability

To maximize the effectiveness of Genji’s ultimate ability, players often employ specific strategies. Here are a few key tips for utilizing Genji’s ultimate successfully:

  1. Flanking: Before activating his ultimate, Genji can position himself behind enemy lines, catching opponents off guard and creating opportunities for multi-kills.
  2. Coordination: Communicating with teammates to synchronize Genji’s ultimate with crowd control abilities or support ultimates can amplify its impact, leading to team wipes and objective captures.
  3. Target Priority: Prioritizing high-value targets, such as healers or damage-dealing heroes, can disrupt the enemy team’s effectiveness and create advantageous situations.
  4. Timing: Timing is crucial when using Genji’s ultimate. Waiting for the right moment, such as when the enemy team is grouped closely together or when crucial defensive abilities are on cooldown, can greatly increase the chances of success.
  5. Positioning: Maintaining good positioning during the ultimate is essential. Genji should be mindful of his surroundings, utilizing the environment to quickly engage or disengage as necessary.

By implementing these strategies and mastering Genji’s ultimate ability, players can turn the tide of battle and secure victory for their team.


Genji’s ultimate ability and his accompanying quote, “Ryūjin no ken o kurae!” are iconic elements of Overwatch gameplay. Beyond their visual and auditory appeal, they hold deep symbolic meaning and contribute to the immersive experience of playing as Genji. Understanding the significance of his quote and employing effective strategies can help players harness Genji’s true potential and make a decisive impact on the outcome of matches.


1. Can Genji’s ultimate ability be countered?

Yes, Genji’s ultimate ability can be countered through various means, such as stuns, crowd control effects, or well-timed defensive abilities from enemy heroes.

2. Is Genji’s ultimate ability difficult to execute?

Mastering Genji’s ultimate ability requires practice and precise timing. It may take some time to become proficient with the mechanics and strategies associated with his ultimate.

3. Does Genji’s ultimate quote change based on his skin?

No, regardless of the skin chosen for Genji, his ultimate quote remains the same. The quote is tied to the hero and not influenced by cosmetic variations.

4. Are there any voice lines associated with Genji’s ultimate ability besides his quote?

Yes, when Genji successfully eliminates an enemy with his ultimate, he often utters the line “The dragon becomes me.” This adds an extra layer of satisfaction and immersion for the player.

5. Can Genji’s ultimate be blocked or mitigated by shields?

Yes, certain defensive abilities, such as barriers or shields provided by heroes like Reinhardt or Orisa, can mitigate or completely block the damage from Genji’s ultimate if properly timed and positioned.

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