Top 15 Best Cool Prank Websites On Internet 2023

Are you eager to inject some laughter and joy into the lives of your friends and family this April Fool’s Day? Look no further than the best prank websites on the internet! These websites offer a variety of hilarious and harmless pranks guaranteed to leave everyone in stitches. From fake news articles to outrageous product listings, the options are endless. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top prank websites that will undoubtedly make your April Fool’s Day unforgettable. So, get ready to execute some epic pranks and have a blast!

Best Prank Sites 2023: Pranking is essentially an art form used by people to showcase the foolishness of individuals. While it may be hilarious for the pranksters and spectators, it can be quite frustrating for the victims. The 1st of April is celebrated as April Fool’s Day every year, where everyone becomes extra cautious to avoid falling victim to pranks, as this day is synonymous with playful trickery.

However, original pranking or trolling videos can be a lot of fun due to the varied and vivid responses given by the unsuspecting victims. That’s why people are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to prank or troll their friends, colleagues, and more. To equip you with some of the best trolling or prank websites, we’ve compiled a list of sites that you can use to pull off hilarious pranks. Let’s take a look at the names of these sites and get a brief description of what they have in store for you.

What Do “Prank/Trolls” Stand For?

“Pranking” refers to creating a humorous video on any online platform or thread by intentionally posting something unpleasant.

“Prank” and “troll” are distinct terms with different meanings, though both involve behavior aimed at deceiving or annoying others.

A prank is a playful or mischievous act, typically a practical joke, intended to be humorous and harmless. It is done in good fun with the aim of eliciting laughter. Conversely, a troll is an individual who purposely posts inflammatory or offensive messages online, intending to provoke a response or disrupt a conversation.

In essence, pranks are meant to be lighthearted and amusing, whereas trolling is characterized by a more malicious and disruptive intent.

Best Cool Prank Websites On Internet Of 2023

#1 Blow Up The Phone | Best Prank Websites

This is an excellent website for pranking! Deluge your friend’s phone with anonymous texts and calls! Utilize this prank call service to dispatch numerous text messages and calls from various numbers to any cell phone. You can inundate your friend’s phone with texts or calls. Send a large volume of texts or phone calls anonymously to your friends. Choose the quantity and speed at which they receive them.

#2 Fake Update

This website showcases fake update screens for iOS, Android, and Windows phones! While it may resemble a genuine update screen, it’s actually a prank that you can use to trick your friends.

#3 WhatsFake

With this website, you can create fake conversations that closely resemble authentic WhatsApp chats.

#4 Greatbigstuff

This website enables you to order ordinary items for anyone, such as a paper clip or an alarm clock, but with a humorous twist—they come in an oversized, comical size.

#5 ShipYourEmemiesGlitter

Through this website, you can send a glitter bomb to anyone you choose. The recipient is bound to be annoyed by the unexpected glitter explosion!

#6 GIFdanceParty

This website guides you on creating your own GIF dance party that you can share with friends. Please note that this website is designed for desktop use only.

#7 Nyan It

Enter the URL of any website here, and it will incorporate Nyan cats. Share the new URL with anyone and enjoy the entertainment!

#8 Shit Express

This website enables you to send animal droppings to anyone, anywhere on Earth. Additionally, you can select the type of animal droppings you want to send.

#9 CatFacts

Utilize this website to send cat facts to your friends. You can customize the number of facts to be sent! This is another fantastic trolling website.

#10 Hacker Typer | Best Prank Websites

Begin typing anything, and the output will resemble code snippets sent to anyone who observes. The person observing is sure to become suspicious of you!

#11 Peter Answers

When you input any question on this website, it provides genuinely humorous answers that can troll anyone! The theme is somewhat like Siri, but the distinction lies in the responses.

#12 News of Future

On this website, you’ll discover anticipated news from the future! It’s a highly amusing and entertaining platform.

#13 Geek Typer

This website is similar to a hacker typer. Utilize this platform to play pranks and troll people around you.

#14 Crashsafari

Share the link to this website with anyone and cause the web browser of any PC or mobile to crash.

#15 JibJab Messages| Latest Prank Sites 2023

With this website, you can incorporate amusing GIFs and messages into your selfies, making them incredibly funny after the editing process.


#16 Google Terminal

Given our name (itechhacks), it’s only fitting to include some geeky and creative prank sites, right? Well, here’s the secret Google terminal, offering a cool and geeky interface for online pranks or for sharing your own code. Additionally, you can explore various games on this website.


These are some of the best prank or trolling websites on the internet in 2023 that you can utilize to prank or troll your friends, enemies, colleagues, and more. If there are any other fantastic pranking or trolling websites that we haven’t mentioned above, please share them in the comments.

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