How to Play NCAA Football on Xbox One

Over a decade has elapsed, yet no game rivals the nostalgic allure of NCAA 14. Witnessing someone engrossed in a game of NCAA 14 on their Xbox 360 console evokes powerful feelings of nostalgia. However, players gripped by this wave of nostalgia often ponder whether they can enjoy NCAA 14 on more recent Xbox One S or One X consoles. In this guide, we provide the answer.

NCAA 14 stands out as an American Soccer game crafted by Electronic Arts, a renowned game developer. Despite the passage of time, Electronic Arts continues to release perennial favorites like NBA and NFS, maintaining their status as timeless classics.

Can You Play NCAA 14 on Xbox One?

Regrettably, playing NCAA 14 on Xbox One S and One X is not possible. The game lacks compatibility with the Xbox One series consoles as it was originally designed for a different generation of Microsoft’s gaming console.

Compounding the issue, NCAA 14 did not make the cut among the 70 new games added to the list of Xbox backward-compatible games in November 2021.

Moreover, Microsoft has officially announced that it will cease adding games to this backward-compatible list, citing legal and technical constraints associated with newer generation consoles.

For enthusiasts of retro gaming, this unfortunate reality means that NCAA Football 14 remains unavailable on Xbox One and is unlikely to become compatible with any of the newer Microsoft consoles in the foreseeable future.


How to Play NCAA Football on Xbox One 2024

While Xbox One owners will need to explore alternative gaming options, NCAA 14 remains accessible on Xbox 360 and PS3. However, obtaining the game is not a straightforward process. Even if you manage to locate a fully operational Xbox 360 or PS3 console, you’ll still need to find a physical copy of NCAA 14. Unfortunately, the game is not available on the Xbox Marketplace or the PS3 PlayStation Store, and Electronic Arts (EA), its developer, is restricted from selling digital copies.

Launched on July 9, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, NCAA Football 14 is a college football simulation video game and the sequel to NCAA Football 13. Developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts, the game features Manti Te’o, formerly of the Notre Dame football team and currently playing for the San Diego Chargers after being selected in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

As of now, NCAA Football 14 is exclusively available for PS3 and Xbox 360, as confirmed by EA Sports. Recent news revealed that Sony has partnered with the Collegiate Licensing Company, securing exclusive rights for developing and publishing collegiate-licensed games (CLC).

The existence of any exclusive features or game mechanics for one version over the other remains unclear at this time. However, it is reasonable to anticipate that online saves will be transferable across platforms.

Will Xbox Series S Support NCAA 14?

Despite the Series S being a modernized console, its technical constraints prevent NCAA 14 from being backward compatible with any console, including both Xbox One and Xbox Series. The sole compatible platform for the game is the now outdated Xbox 360.

Will There Be NCAA 15?

EA Sports ceased the series in the year NCAA 14 was launched, despite the game’s success both critically and commercially. Therefore, there will be no NCAA 15.

This choice was prompted by a notable lawsuit filed against the company by former student-athletes who alleged that EA Sports had utilized their likeness and attributes without providing compensation. In response, EA Sports opted for a class action settlement, extinguishing any prospects for a new game in the series.

The Bottom Line

Well, that covers everything regarding the possibility of playing NCAA 14 on Xbox One S or One X. We trust this guide has been beneficial to you. If you happen to own an Xbox One S, we suggest exploring newer titles for an enhanced gaming experience.

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