How to Fix RTT Randomly Turn on Android

Numerous users have encountered a perplexing issue, leading them to search for the query “Why does RTT Randomly Turn On Android.” The random activation of an Android phone can be attributed to various factors such as a malfunctioning power button, battery issues, or software glitches. It is crucial to identify the specific cause behind this occurrence to address the issue effectively.

In some instances, the random turning on of an Android phone may be linked to the Real-Time Transmission (RTT) feature. RTT, introduced in Android 4.4, enables devices to communicate with each other in real-time, even when the messages and notifications on the device are turned off.

Despite its intended purpose, many users have found the RTT feature to be less than helpful, as it introduces several challenges. This post aims to provide insights into RTT and address the query of why RTT randomly turns on in Android devices.

What is RTT in Android?

RTT, or Real-Time Text, is a feature that appears on your Android phone when it attempts to connect with an RTT Server. Introduced to enhance message delivery speed, RTT functions similarly to SMS. However, when someone sends an RTT message, the recipient receives it instantly. Unlike SMS, RTT doesn’t rely on the cellular network but utilizes the IP network.

Due to its use of the IP network, RTT messages are delivered rapidly, making them ideal for emergencies or when contacting someone who is deaf or has a hearing impairment. Initially, many cellular networks offered free delivery of RTT messages when the feature was added to Android devices. However, as a note, RTT messages tend to cost more than SMS, leading several carrier networks to discontinue this offer.

Currently, RTTs are sent through a data network, minimizing issues for both companies and users. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals with speech or hearing impairments, allowing them to exchange real-time messages during a call.

How To Check RTT Support on Any Android Phone?

Checking RTT Support on Your Phone:

Many users are unsure whether their phone supports RTT or not. You can easily verify this by reaching out to your carrier network provider. Additionally, you can follow these steps to check for RTT support:

  • Open the Phone App on your device.
  • Click on More.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Look for the RTT option.

If the option is present, it indicates that the phone supports RTT.


Why Does RTT Randomly Turn On Android? (2023):

We’ve explained the purpose of adding RTT to Android and iPhone devices. Now, let’s delve into “Why Does RTT Randomly Turn on Android?”

RTT, a real-time text messaging feature, sends messages instantly for faster delivery and in emergencies. It enables users to see and reply to messages as they are being typed. Messages are transmitted over the IP Network, making it accessible for both the sender and receiver to instantly view and respond.

However, if your phone is locked and receives an RTT message, the Android device turns on to display the message. This aligns with RTT’s goal of providing instant delivery, and if messages are not visible, the purpose of RTT is defeated. The automatic turning on of the Android phone occurs whenever RTT is used to send messages.

Some users have encountered issues where RTT continuously sends location updates to Google’s server, resulting in rapid battery drainage, slowed device performance, and overheating. Despite attempts to turn off RTT, the feature activates itself, causing ongoing problems for users.

To address this, we have provided steps on how to turn off RTT.

How to Turn Off RTT on Android

Disabling RTT on Android:

Some users may find the Real-time Text (RTT) feature unhelpful or wish to disable it for various reasons. To turn off RTT on Android phones, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Phone App on the device.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Calls.
  • Select Additional Settings.
  • Tap on RTT.
  • Choose “Do Not Use RTT.”
  • RTT is now turned off.

However, some users experience the issue of RTT turning on automatically even after disabling it. This occurs because RTT sends continuous updates to Google’s server. To address this, consider disabling Google Location History. Keep in mind that this may affect the functionality of other apps reliant on location history, such as Find My Phone.

Wrapping Up:

Users who were puzzled by “Why does RTT Randomly Turn On Android” can find comprehensive information in this post. We have explained the purpose of RTT and provided solutions to help you understand and address the issue. The post also includes steps to turn off RTT on your device.


  1. Why is RTT appearing on my phone?
    • RTT is used to send instant messages to the receiver, particularly benefiting individuals with hearing or speech impairments. It allows real-time conversational messages during calls, and it works even without an active call.
  2. How do I disable RTT?
    • To disable RTT on Android, follow these steps:
      • Open the Phone App.
      • Go to Settings.
      • Click on Calls.
      • Select Additional Settings.
      • Tap on RTT.
      • Choose “Do Not Use RTT.”
      • RTT is now turned off.
  3. How did I turn on RTT?
    • To activate RTT during a call, follow these steps:
      • When on a call, tap RTT.
      • Enter the message; as you type, it becomes visible to the receiver.

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