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Imagine a scenario where you have access to every book, study material, and solutions to all your questions either for free or at a nominal cost. Is it even possible? The answer is yes. There’s a single platform that provides answers to questions across various majors and subjects, and it’s called Chegg. This article delves into Chegg and provides insights on how to unblur Chegg and access answers for free in 2024.

Certainly, who wouldn’t want answers without the hassle of finding solutions manually? I’m sure everyone is curious about how to obtain those answers. Right? The solution lies in Chegg.

While some of you might already be familiar with Chegg and are simply interested in learning how to access Chegg solutions and answers, you can skip directly to that section.

Before delving into that aspect, let’s understand why we turn to Chegg in the first place.

Why do we go for Chegg?

Not everyone feels comfortable reaching out to their professors when they encounter difficulties in solving problems.

In such situations, Chegg becomes a valuable resource, assisting you in addressing all your academic needs. Despite the presence of numerous online tutoring services and free rental books, Chegg stands out due to its exceptional tutors who are readily available to assist students.

Is it Possible to Get Chegg Book on a Rental?

One standout feature of Chegg is its provision of an extensive collection of books available for rental. Recognizing that not everyone can afford the full cost of purchasing a book, Chegg steps in to bridge the gap.

Consider, for instance, the need for a specific book during a semester. Once you log in, the home dashboard allows you to search for the required book. Upon finding a match, Chegg prompts you to specify the rental duration—whether it’s for half a year, a particular semester, or the entire year.

The rental price is displayed, offering a cost comparison with purchasing the book outright, and the due date is provided. Much like other online platforms, Chegg ensures the delivery of the required books right to your doorstep. Sounds convenient!

Everything about

Renting books through Chegg not only saves students money but also eliminates the hassle of waiting in bookstore queues. However, what do you do when the need for a rented book is over? You certainly don’t want to discard it, considering the money spent on the purchase.

No worries—Chegg provides an option for you to offer your books for use by others, and in return, Chegg offers an impressive price for them. Now, once you’ve acquired the books, the next step is to access solutions for your questions. Are these solutions and answers free? Let me explain how to get Chegg solutions and answers.

How To Unblur Chegg Answers Free

When searching for a question, Chegg may not always provide free solutions. Sometimes, the solutions may appear blurred and unclear. Here’s how to unblur Chegg answers for free:

  • Chegg offers a free trial account with a 4-week trial period, providing you with all answers at no cost.
  • Create an account with Chegg, and you’ll receive an email ID and password.
  • Use the provided email ID and password to log in to your account on the site.
  • Wait for the account verification process to complete.
  • After verification, the site will prompt you to download certain apps to unlock the subscription.
  • Download and install the required apps within a 30-second timeframe.
  • Once the apps are downloaded and installed, you can use them to access the unblurred solutions.

While this method is part of a paid subscription, not everyone can afford it. As a result, students often seek ways to access Chegg solutions and answers free of charge.

Get Free Chegg Answers iTechHacks 2023

If you’ve read the above solutions and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t worry. At iTechHacks, we are committed to assisting our readers in any way possible. While we cannot provide full account access due to security concerns, we do offer help with your blurred solutions on Chegg.

This is a question many of our users frequently ask while navigating our website. Our commitment to providing free accounts, such as free Netflix and Spotify accounts for students, is driven by a simple reason.

Get Chegg Answers FREE from Chegg Trial

We believe that if we have the ability to swiftly respond to our users’ problems, help someone, or bring a smile to their faces, it is crucial to build a strong legacy and make iTechHacks the best among others. However, it’s important to note that publishing Chegg answers in open forums, com

You can also access Chegg solutions and answers for free through alternative websites that don’t require any payment. This method is simple: input your question directly or copy it from Chegg, and then visit platforms like Reddit or Quora. You may discover numerous links related to your question where you can find the answers.

If you’re still facing challenges in figuring out how to obtain answers for free, we’ll guide you through it. There are several methods available for obtaining answers without any cost. Let’s explore a few ways to access solutions and answers for free.

ments, or distributing them is completely illegal. Therefore, please avoid websites where webmasters violate their policies.


Chegg Alternatives

Chegg is popular, but every unique concept tends to have its clone, right? That’s where Textsheet came into the picture.

Textsheet was an online educational portal where college students could seek assistance with their academic solutions. However, it is currently banned due to a DMCA notice for copyright violation, leading to the shutdown of their website. But don’t worry; there are alternatives to Textsheet, and you can find a comprehensive list of Chegg alternatives here.


  • Slader is a top textsheet alternative widely used among US students. The user interface of this site is user-friendly.
  • Open the Slader website in your browser (
  • The homepage will be visible.
  • Utilize the search bar (search textbooks) to search for books by name or by copying and pasting Chegg questions.
  • The site will provide corresponding answers that are free.


  • As the name suggests, Studylib functions like a library, offering a vast collection of assignments and solutions.
  • Users can share notes with friends to aid in problem-solving.
  • It provides solutions for various subjects, allowing users to upload documents and find solutions.
  • As the name suggests, Studylib functions like a library, offering a vast collection of assignments and solutions.
  • Users can share notes with friends to aid in problem-solving.
  • It provides solutions for various subjects, allowing users to upload documents and find solutions.


  • Recommended by some subscribers, this website hosts numerous Chegg solutions.
  • While the ownership is unknown, it is considered interesting.

These alternatives provide options for accessing educational solutions and resources similar to Chegg and Textsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Chegg? Answer: Chegg is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of services at a fraction of the cost found in traditional bookstores. It provides book rentals, online courses, course reviews, 24/7 support, and features like the Math Solver.

Q2: How To Unblur Chegg Solutions? Answer: Legally, you can request our team to purchase a solution for you from There are no alternative methods to unblur Chegg solutions without obtaining a subscription.

Q3: Can you get Chegg for free? Answer: Yes, you can participate in Chegg Giveaways, or utilize the 4-week free Chegg Trial to access Chegg subscriptions for free.

Q4: Is Chegg safe? Answer: Absolutely. Chegg has been used by students across the US for many years without any instances of cheating or malpractice.

Q5: Can you cancel Chegg anytime? Answer: Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel Chegg Premium at any time.

Q6: How To Get Chegg Answers for Free? Answer: There are various ways to access Chegg for free. You can use iTechHacks for FREE Chegg Answers or explore platforms like Reddit and Quora to find solutions to your problems.

Final Verdict:

We trust that you found this article highly beneficial, providing legal methods to obtain answers to your Chegg questions in 2021 without incurring any costs. Select a method that suits your needs, or contact us via email with your Chegg answers and questions. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out. For queries, leave a comment. Subscribe to our email newsletter for instant updates. Cheers!

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