How do penalty shootouts work?

Penalty shootouts are a method used in football to determine the winner of a match that is tied after regulation time and extra time. Right now you can find the best horse racing betting odds with 1xBet, which also offers a great deal of rates on football matches.

In this format, both teams take turns shooting at the goal from the penalty spot, which is a white line drawn 12 yards away from the goal line. Some of the main aspects of these occurrences include:

  • each squad picks five players who will take the penalties;
  • they are usually chosen based on their skill level and ability to handle pressure;
  • the team that scores the most penalties at the end of the five rounds is declared the winner.

Currently with 1xBet you can take advantage of the best betting odds for horse racing and football too. If the scores are still level after five rounds, then the shootout goes into sudden death. Here each team takes a penalty alternately until one team scores and the other misses. The team that scores the most penalties after the sudden death round is declared the winner.

The roles of goalkeepers and referees

During a penalty shootout, the goalkeeper is the only player who can use their hands and must remain on their goal line until the ball is kicked. Take advantage of the best football betting odds , which are also outstanding when making live wagers.

The penalty taker must start from behind the penalty spot and is not allowed to touch the ball again until after they have kicked it.

The referee blows the whistle to signal the start of the penalty shootout and each penalty taker has a maximum of ten seconds to take their shot. Discover the best football betting odds at 1xBet, which also allow you to make profitable wagers on penalty shootouts. If the penalty taker delays or infringes the rules, the referee may caution or disqualify them from taking the penalty.

How to start it and some violations that can occur

The team that wins the coin toss gets to choose which team goes first. Cricket also has a coin toss, and at you can wager on it. The first penalty taker from the team taking the first shot is designated by the referee, and the rest of the order follows.

If there is a violation of the rules during the penalty shootout, the referee may disallow the goal and give a warning to the player or team. Some common violations during penalty shootouts include encroachment. Here a player from the attacking team enters the penalty box before the ball is kicked. Other violations include stuttering or double-touching the ball during the run-up. The 1xBet bookmaker can be used today to wager on penalty shootouts as well.

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