How to Choose the Perfect Candle Holder for Pillar Candles

Pillar candles make a gorgeous decorative statement in any home. Their tall, column-like shape gives them an elegant, sophisticated look. Pillar candles come in a variety of sizes, from short votives to extra-tall tapers. With so many options, choosing the right candle holder to complement pillar candles can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect candle holders for pillar candles.

Match the Candle Diameter

The first step is to consider the diameter of the pillar candles you wish to display. Pillar candles come in standard widths like 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ etc. Make sure to choose a candle holder with a complementary diameter well. The pillar should fit snugly into the holder without too much extra space. A candle rattling around in an oversized holder looks sloppy and risks the candle tipping over. On the other hand, squeezing a thick candle into a holder too small can cause the wax to get stuck and build up.

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Consider the Candle’s Height

In addition to diameter, pillar candle heights range from a couple of inches to over 30 inches tall. Pair short votive or tea light pillars with low candle holders. For pillars 6 inches and taller, look for holders at least 2 inches taller than the candle. This ensures stability and reduces the chance of tipping. Extra tall taper candles need height-appropriate holders sometimes over a foot tall. Also, check the depth of the holder well to ensure it can accommodate the entire candle length.

Match the Style

Choose a pillar candle holder that complements the room’s existing decor. Modern minimalist homes do well with simple, streamlined cylindrical or square holders in metals like iron, stainless steel, or brushed nickel. For traditional dining rooms and living spaces, look for elegant glass, crystal, or ceramic holders. Cable-knit and macrame woven holders pair perfectly with coastal, boho, or farmhouse styles.

Consider Surface Protection

Pillar candles tend to drip down the sides as they burn. The holder should protect the surface underneath from potential wax damage. Candle plates, drip trays, and hold holders with deep wells help catch drips. Or place the candle arrangement on a heat-resistant surface. For extra caution, stick self-adhesive felt pads under the holder to create a small buffer between the holder and the furniture.

Allow Proper Airflow

As pillar candles burn down, they need adequate airflow to draw up the melted wax. Enclosed candle holders can cause the flame to suffocate and smoke. Look for holders with open tops or cutout designs along the side. If using an enclosed glass shade, make sure the top has ventilation holes. Never burn a pillar candle longer than the holder manufacturer recommends.

Coordinate Holders in Groupings

A single pillar candle makes a statement, but grouping multiples together amplifies the effect. Coordinate holder sizes, shapes, heights, and materials to create a cohesive display. Just make sure to leave a few inches between each burning candle for safety. For the most eye-catching display, vary holder heights in an uneven grouping.

Try Decorative Accents

Plain pillar holders blend into the background, but decorative accents let them stand out. Look for holders with cutouts, patterns, or creative shapes like spheres, cubes, or octagons. Metallic finishes in copper, rose gold, or silver add shine. Display shorter pillar candles on a mirrored tray or platter for dramatic sparkle.

Shop Smart

Quality pillar candle holders don’t have to be expensive. Check craft and dollar stores for inexpensive glass and metal holders. Use promo codes and wait for sales at major retailers. Scour secondhand stores and flea markets for vintage finds. DIY options like etched glass jars, painted terracotta pots, and concrete candle molds offer tons of customization for less.

With the right holder, pillar candles create mesmerizing ambiance and stylish flair in any space. Follow these guidelines on size, style, and safety features to pick holders that do justice to your gorgeous pillars. Then get creative with patterns, textures, colors, and candle groupings. Finding that perfect pillar candle holder elevates any decor.

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