How to Fix Samsung TV Half Screen Dark on One Side

“Samsung TVs have long been the flagship products of the company. However, these outstanding TVs come with their own set of quirks. Recently, many users have reported a peculiar issue where the Samsung TV screen appears dark on one side. This is quite unusual, as a TV is designed to be viewed by the entire family, and a dark side renders it unusable. If you are encountering the same problem, here’s a guide to assist you.”

What Causes Samsung TV Half Screen Darker From One Side?

“The issue of a Samsung TV appearing dark on one side can stem from various causes. One possibility is that the TV was improperly turned off, such as during a power outage or by forcibly unplugging it. In this scenario, it may be necessary to take the TV to a service station, as the TFT may be damaged or the IC could be fried.

If a child has played with the remote, it’s possible that the settings have been altered, which can be resolved by resetting the settings to their default values. Another potential cause is interference from an external device, similar to the issues observed with Hisense TVs. Regardless of the reason, here is a comprehensive list of fixes to help restore your TV to normal operation.”


How to Fix Samsung TV Dark on one Side Screen 2023

“Here are some potential solutions to address the issue of your Samsung TV appearing dark on one side. We recommend going through all the fixes to determine whether a visit to the service center is necessary.

  • Restart Your TV: One of the simplest fixes for the Samsung TV screen dark on one side is to restart it. Perform a thorough restart by turning off your TV, unplugging it from the power socket, and waiting for 5 minutes before turning it back on. Keeping it disconnected for this duration ensures that residual power is removed, allowing your TV to restart successfully. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, proceed to the next fix.”

Check External Connections

“If you are using a wired connection with your TV, disconnect the cable and reconnect it. In the case of an HDMI cable from your computer, verify its integrity by testing it elsewhere.

Try disconnecting your set-top box (if in use) and then power on your TV to see if the issue persists. Additionally, remove any other connected components, leaving the TV running independently to assess the problem. If the issue persists, proceed to the next fix.”

Use the Remote

“If the previous fixes haven’t resolved the issue, there’s a possibility that the problem lies with the remote. To troubleshoot the remote, remove its batteries and press the power button for 1 minute. Reinsert the batteries, turn on the TV, and check if the dark side issue persists.

Resetting Your TV

If you can still see something on your TV despite the dark side, attempting a reset might be worthwhile. Resetting your TV restores it to factory conditions and can address various issues. Follow these steps to reset your TV:

  • Using your remote, navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Reset under the General category.
  • Enter your PIN when prompted. The default PIN is usually 0000.
  • Click on Reset, and your TV will take a few minutes to restart.

For TVs purchased before 2018, the process may involve going to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis. This process is akin to resetting and also takes a few minutes.

After the reset, your TV should ideally be functioning properly. If the issue persists, it’s possible that the LCD or TFT is damaged, and professional service may be required at a Samsung service center.”

The Bottom Line

“Well, that concludes our guide on how to address the Samsung TV screen dark on one side issue. We hope this information has been helpful. If the solutions provided above do not resolve the issue and you find it necessary to visit a Service Center, we strongly recommend seeking repairs from an authorized dealer. Doing so ensures that you receive an additional warranty on the replaced item, offering you added peace of mind.”

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