How to Fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light

Are you trying to capture photos with your Instax Mini 11 and noticing a flashing orange light? This might be a cause for concern, as it indicates potential issues. The blinking orange light on your Instax Mini 11 could suggest the following problems:

  • Flash isn’t fully charged.
  • Batteries are dead or low.
  • Jammed film.

Even with the excellent performance of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, users may encounter such issues. If you come across the Instax Mini 11 flashing orange light, there’s no need to worry.

How to Fix Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light

Let’s walk through the steps to address the issue of the Instax Mini 11 flashing orange light.


Replace the Battery:

  • If your Instax Mini 11 is displaying a flashing orange light, it indicates a weak camera battery. A new battery pack can capture approximately 100 photos. If you’ve reached or are nearing this threshold, the camera will flash an orange light. To resolve this issue, replace the battery following these steps:
    • Power off your camera.
    • Open the battery compartment, remove the old batteries, and insert new ones.
    • Once the batteries are replaced, close the battery compartment and turn on your camera. The orange light should no longer be visible.

Let the Flash Charge:

  • If you observe the flashing orange light, allow the camera’s flash to charge before attempting to take a photo.[Additional steps for this method can be added based on the specific instructions for the Instax Mini 11 model.]

You may come across the Instax Mini 11 Flashing Orange Light if your flash is not charged. Allow a few seconds for the flash to charge—wait after turning on the camera or taking a photo—and then proceed to capture photos without any issues.

Check the Film in the Camera:

If the film is jammed or stuck in the compartment, it can also lead to the flashing orange light issue. Follow these steps to address jammed film in the Instax Mini 11:

  • Turn off your camera.
  • Open the film compartment located at the back of your camera.
  • Carefully remove the film from the compartment, checking for any damage.
  • If the film is undamaged, reinsert it into the compartment. If damaged, replace it with a new film.
  • After inserting the film, close the compartment and turn on your camera.

Reset Camera:

If you’ve replaced the battery and checked the film but the issue persists, you can reset the camera. Follow these steps:

  • Ensure your camera is turned on.
  • Open the battery compartment on your camera.
  • Remove the batteries and reinsert them.

This will reset the camera, resolving the issue.


The flashing orange light on the Instax Mini 11 should not hinder your photo-taking. If you encounter this issue, the guide above should assist you in solving it. We hope this helps resolve the problem, and if successful, please give us a thumbs up in the comment section below.


Why Is My Instax Mini 11 Flash Not Working?

If your Instax Mini 11 flash is not working, it’s crucial to check the camera’s batteries. Improper alignment within the battery compartment or dead batteries can lead to such issues. Reinsert the batteries correctly, and if they are depleted, replace them with new ones.

Why Am I Getting an Orange Light On My Instax Mini 11?

Encountering the orange light issue on your Instax Mini 11 is likely due to a dead battery or film jam. The steps to address this problem are outlined in the article above. If your Instax Mini 11 is flashing an orange light, follow the steps provided in this article to resolve the issue.

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