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iPhone and iPad stand out as exceptional devices, contributing significantly to Apple’s revenue. However, Apple tends to play it safe, avoiding experimental risks. While the iPhone is undoubtedly remarkable, its design elements and the iOS software user interface have been relatively conservative. To overcome this, we’ve compiled iOS 15 Home Screen ideas to enhance your device’s setup. Feel free to grasp the concepts and tailor them to match your personal preferences.

Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2023

1. Willfulness

The human brain’s capacity surpasses the imagination of the world, and similarly, you can unleash creativity even within a confined environment. With iOS 15, you have the flexibility to organize apps into folders and assign custom names. Consider using icons or emojis instead of text to represent each folder category.

For instance, you can use a video camera icon or emoji to signify a media category, and gather apps like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others within it. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Create a folder to contain apps of a specific category.
  • Tap and hold the folder for a few seconds.
  • Choose the “Rename” option to assign a custom name or use an emoji for representation.

Delete the current name.

Access the emoji toolbar from the keyboard and search for a fitting icon for the folder.

I chose the office building emoji.

Close the keyboard.

Reduce the folder size to get a clearer view of the emoji/icon in the folder name.

Eliminate system apps from the dock and substitute them with frequently used ones. This will streamline navigation and enhance productivity by featuring crucial shortcuts in the dock.

You can choose any wallpaper for your Home Screen, but I recommend opting for a beach-themed background for a calming atmosphere. Consider having two Home Screens to distinguish your professional and personal life, minimizing distractions.


2. Alacrity Home Screen – Best iOS 15 Home Screen

The Alacrity Home Screen revolves around customization that reflects your personality. It stands as one of the top iPhone home screen ideas. Begin by customizing the dock with frequently used apps, encompassing social media, productivity tools, and more.

Place a Photos widget on the top panel to infuse positivity into your life and keep your loved ones in constant remembrance. Position the To-Do list widget adjacent to it, providing a focal point to organize your priorities and motivate personal growth.

Arrange essential apps in the first row, including Contacts, Maps, Music, and ride-sharing apps. There are no restrictions on what you can incorporate into the first Home Screen while maintaining others. Opt for a light, bright color scheme to radiate positive vibes throughout the day, as colors have a profound impact on one’s mood and outlook. Choose thoughtfully.

Include a Photos widget in the top panel to instill positive vibes into your life and serve as a constant reminder of your loved ones. Place the To-Do list widget beside it, facilitating focus on tasks and fostering personal growth for the important people in your life.

Arrange pivotal apps in the first row, encompassing Contacts, Maps, Music, and ride-sharing apps. Feel free to add anything you desire to the first Home Screen while maintaining others. Opt for a light, bright color palette to radiate positivity throughout the day, recognizing the impact that colors can have on your life. Choose your colors thoughtfully.

3. Brown Bread – Top iOS 15 Home Screen

Opt for the Brown Bread color scheme, ideal for newer iPhone models, as more users embrace third-party services over Apple’s. Customize your dock with frequently used apps, placing music at the forefront—Spotify being my preferred choice.

Enhance productivity by adding a calendar widget at the screen’s top, keeping you informed about the current day. Allocate three apps of your choosing, organizing all social media apps within a designated folder.

Embrace the essence of music with a prominent Spotify or Apple Music widget positioned in the screen’s center. Feel free to select a widget that perfectly suits the screen’s central placement.

Strategically place occasionally used apps that may be required at any moment. Create folders to neatly organize these apps, including system applications, ensuring easy access when needed.

4. Feel Motivated – Creative iOS 15 Home Screen

Are you embarking on a startup venture or diving into a new learning journey? Remember, many successful individuals were initially doubted, and you might encounter naysayers. However, don’t allow anyone to dictate how you should live your life or the terms of your success.

Given the considerable time spent on your smartphone for reading, replying, and learning, consider setting a vibrant and bright color wallpaper to soothe your eyes and maintain motivation. Bright colors are known to uplift mood, ensuring a positive impact on your day.

Utilize three motivational phrases strategically placed on different parts of the screen. You can employ text widgets or notes to serve as constant reminders to persevere and stay focused on the tasks leading to your goals.

Optimize the dock by pinning only the most frequently used apps. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and ensures quick access to essential tools.

5. Fire Focus – Unique iOS 15 Home Screen

We lead busy lives, with no time to spare on unproductive events. You’re on a roll, moving at the speed of light, and there’s no slowing down. Keep your iPhone ready to shoulder your burdens and simplify your day-to-day tasks.

Remove all unnecessary apps from the dock and pin productivity apps such as the email app, browser, and a to-do list app.

Select a blurry wallpaper that resonates with your home and its surroundings.

Include a battery widget in the first row to ensure you don’t wake up the next day with only 10% battery remaining. Unfortunately, the latest iPhones still have a notch in all models, unlike notch-less Android phones in the market.

Add the calendar app to the first row for quick access to reminders and other information.

6. Mr.Organizer – iOS 15 Aesthetic Design

iOS software imposes limitations on heavy customization, but you can enhance the user experience by incorporating widgets, folders, and apps. Customize the dock according to your preferences, and it is advisable to stick with system apps for optimized performance. Obtain third-party widgets from the App Store and place a large calendar widget on the top row, offering a view of the day, date, and monthly calendar directly on the Home Screen.

Create four folders in the second row to organize social media, school/work, photos, games, and notes. Integrate a note widget on the Home Screen as a reminder of your goals. Add a clock widget in the last row and use the remaining space to create folders for grouping apps, such as tools, games, productivity, and more. The objective is to organize the Home Screen for increased productivity and faster accessibility.

Choose a brown color wallpaper with minimal elements to minimize distractions. Ensure that the wallpaper does not include words, patterns, or sketches that might evoke memories or distractions.

7. Rainbow Spirit

Explore the rainbow wallpapers available on your iPhone for a refreshing change. Embrace these wallpapers as they are crafted specifically for iOS devices, offering a dynamic range and vibrant colors tailored to the display’s aspect ratio and technology.

Rearrange the dock to align with the previous version selection:

  • Phone app
  • Safari browser
  • Messages
  • Music

Apple has reverted the Music app color to its older version. You can create multiple Home Screens and organize them according to categories, ensuring a well-structured and visually appealing arrangement. Now, let your creativity shine and share your ideas in the comment section.

8. Aesthetic Pink

Let’s begin with an aesthetic pink theme, combining an organized layout with pink-themed Home screens. Rather than cluttering the device with multiple screens containing every installed app, we’ll focus on a streamlined approach.

Given that music is a daily driver for millions, consider adding a widget for Apple Music or Spotify at the top of the screen. Recognizing the significance of social media in many lives, consolidate all related apps into one folder. Feel free to customize the top panel to suit your preferences.

Daily chores are crucial, and to avoid the risk of forgetting them, add a To-Do list widget prominently in the middle of the screen. This allows for a quick glance at the pending tasks for the day.

Efficiently arrange your installed apps on a single screen, organizing them neatly at the bottom for easy access.

9. Inside Macrocosm 

Everyone is uniquely crafted, both inside and out, and we have distinctive iPhone home screen layout ideas to share with you. While heavy customization isn’t achievable on the regular iOS software, it requires a jailbroken iPhone.


Avoid jailbreaking your iPhone solely for customization purposes, as it poses risks and could potentially brick your device permanently.

To explore customization, download specific packages from Cydia, available in the store. Incorporate a custom icon pack featuring icons for the most popular apps on the App Store. Place one widget at the top of the screen, showcasing four essential apps tailored to your profession or passion.

In the second row, add two widgets of your choice for optimal results. Avoid selecting random apps solely for aesthetic purposes. Remember not to compromise practicality for a unique and aesthetically pleasing design.


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Explore the Best Creative iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas to Inspire Your Design. Forge your unique approach within the confines of the software. While venturing into jailbreaking, exercise caution, as it poses risks to your device. Share your thoughts on Home Screen ideas in the comments below.

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