How to Perform and Score Chip Shots in FIFA 23

This game introduces HyperMotion2 technology, featuring men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup competitions, and cross-play capabilities, bringing The World’s Game to the pitch. Beyond enhancing your graphics, you now have the opportunity to experience the evolving dynamics of modern-day football.

In order to maximize your scoring potential, the game incorporates various shot types inspired by top players like Messi and Ronaldo. These shots include finesse shots, chip shots, low-driven shots, and more.

This tutorial specifically focuses on executing chip shots in FIFA 23. If you’re eager to learn, follow the steps precisely as outlined below. Let’s dive into the guide.

What do Chip Shots mean?

It’s a game mechanic designed to enhance real-life movement, often creating confusion for goalkeepers. The chip shot, achieved by striking the ball with the bottom of the foot, sends it high into the air, making it challenging for goalkeepers to intercept. This becomes particularly effective when facing an approaching goalkeeper, offering a strategic advantage over a regular shot that might rebound. To master this move, follow the steps outlined below in our guide.


How to Execute Chip Shots in FIFA 23:

Executing chip shots in FIFA 23 is a skill that improves with practice, providing a valuable scoring option. Follow these steps using your controller:

  • Xbox: Hold down LB and press B.
  • PlayStation: Hold down L and Circle.
  • Switch: Hold down L and press A.

Learning the optimal distance from the goalpost is crucial for a successful kick. Utilize the left joystick to aim in the desired direction. Achieving the best chip shot involves powering up to the maximum and gauging your distance accurately. Practice this move during training sessions until it becomes second nature.

Wrap Up:

This concludes our guide on executing chip shots in FIFA 23. We trust that this information proves helpful. If you encounter any challenges, feel free to comment below. Additionally, explore more FIFA 23 articles on our website, iTechHacks.

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