Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide 2023: Full Guide

“Vampire Survivors is a captivating action roguelike game originally in a web version. Due to global appreciation, developers released the game on Steam for $2.99, but the current price is $4.99. You can start playing immediately after purchase and download.

The game features numerous characters, weapons, and elements essential for optimal gameplay. Familiarizing yourself with these aspects is crucial to avoid potential challenges that may hinder your gaming experience.

For beginners, this Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide is a valuable resource to quickly grasp everything about the game.”


Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide 2023

“Vampire Survivors is an engaging game featuring various captivating elements. I have delved into its gameplay, shared tips and strategies, and provided details about the available characters and weapons to offer a comprehensive understanding of the game.


In Vampire Survivors, you choose a playable character from a diverse roster, transporting you to a vast field where aggressive enemies assail you. Your primary objective is to eliminate these foes and survive the onslaught.

Initially equipped with a single weapon, your arsenal expands as you progress, unlocking additional weapons to aid in the battle against enemies. Defeating adversaries rewards you with coins and essential in-game items, facilitating weapon upgrades and power-up purchases.

Tips & Strategy

Before embarking on your gaming journey, keep these key points in mind for optimal performance:

  • Avoid Defensive Play: With enemies steadily advancing, playing defensively may lead to overwhelming numbers and eventual defeat. Engage proactively by eliminating oncoming threats to reap rewards and enhance your in-game status.
  • Understanding Enemy Types: Vampire Survivors introduces various enemy types, each possessing unique powers and techniques. Efficiently dispatch weaker foes to thin the horde, allowing you to confront stronger enemies strategically. Defeating formidable adversaries often yields valuable gems and high-tier items.
  • Utilize Collected Coins: Gather coins from the floor and enemies’ chests throughout the game. Despite losing them upon death, you can reclaim these coins in the lobby to purchase items like PowerUps, with the game providing a full refund on every purchase.
  • Collect Floor Items: In addition to coins, various potent floor items such as flamethrowers and freezers can be collected. Store them in your inventory and deploy them strategically at opportune moments.


Vampire Survivors boasts 49 playable characters, including 16 secret characters and 8 DLC characters. Each character comes with unique stats and weapons. While some characters are unlocked by default, others require completing specific achievements. Conditions for unlocking characters are available in the menu.

Standard Characters Include: […List of standard characters…]

Secret Characters: These characters remain hidden in the menu, with the game providing no information on their unlocking criteria. However, they can be unlocked by defeating certain enemies, discovering Easter eggs, and more.

[…List of secret characters…]


Weapons play a pivotal role in Vampire Survivors, aiding in enemy elimination. Players can unlock a variety of weapons, with each character capable of holding up to six weapons simultaneously. All weapons function differently and deal varying levels of damage. Starting with only one weapon, additional weapons become accessible as you level up.”

WeaponDescriptionUnlocking Requirements
WhipAttacks horizontally pass through enemies.Available by default
Magic WandFires at the nearest enemy.Available by default
KnifeFires quickly in the faced direction.Available by default
AxeHigh damage, high area scaling.Available by default
CrossAims at the nearest enemy and has a boomerang effect.Finding a Rosery
King BibleOrbits around the character.Available by default
Fire WandFires at a random enemy and deals heavy damage.Destroying 20 light sources
GarlicDamages nearby enemies. Reduces resistance to knockback and freeze.Consuming 5 floor chickens
Santa WaterGenerates damaging zones.Available by default
RunetracerPasses through enemies and bounces around.Surviving for 5 minutes with Pasqualina
Lightning RingStrikes at random enemies.Defeating a total of 5000 enemies
PentagramErases everything in sight.Surviving for 20 minutes with any character
PeachoneBombards in a circular area.Surviving for 10 minutes with any character
Ebony WingsBombards in a circular area.Getting the Peachone to level 7
Phiera Der TuphelloFires quickly in four fixed directions.Surviving for 10 minutes with Pugnala
Eight The SparrowFires quickly in four fixed directions.Surviving for 15 minutes with Pugnala
Gatti AmariSummons capricious projectiles. Might interact with pickups.Surviving for 15 minutes with Giovanna
Song of ManaAttacks vertically passes through enemies.Surviving for 15 minutes with Poppea
Shadow PinionGenerating damaging zones when moving strikes when stopping.Surviving for 15 minutes with Concetta
Clock LancetChance to freeze enemies in time.Finding an Orologion
LaurelShields from damage while active.Available by default
Vento SacroStronger with continuous movement. Can deal critical damage.Surviving for 15 minutes with Zi’Assunta
BoneThrows a bouncing projectile.Unlocking Mortaccio
Cherry BombThrows a bouncing projectile that explodes after some time.Unlocking Cavallo
CarrélloThrows a bouncing projectile. The number of bounces is affected by the Amount.Unlocking Bianca Ramba
Celestial DustingThrows a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving.Unlocking O’Sole
La RobbaGenerates bouncing projectiles.Unlocking Ambrohoe
Greatest JubileeHas a chance to summon light sources.Complete Eudaimonia Machine after having started and exited a run in Endless mode and a run in Inverse mode.
BraceletFires three projectiles at a random enemy.Survive 30 minutes with either Gallo or Divano.
CandyboxAllows you to choose any unlocked base weapon.Discover every standard evolution and union
Victory SwordStrikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy. Retaliates.Defeating 100,000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma.
Flames of MisspellEmits cones of flames.Unlock Avatar
Silver WindDefeated enemies might drop hearts.Surviving for 15 minutes with Miang
Four SeasonsGenerates 4 explosions. Amount and Duration affect damage instead.Surviving for 15 minutes with Menya
Summon NightGenerates damaging zones above the character.Surviving for 15 minutes with Syuuto
Mirage RobeGenerates freezing mines with a chance to explode.Surviving for 15 minutes with Babi-Onna
Mille Bolle BluFires lingering projectiles.Unlocking Gav’Et Oni
Night SwordDangerous, cursed weapon. Retaliates. Might steal hearts.Find it and pick it up on Mt.Moonspell
108 BocceActually it’s just 8. Damages nearby enemies.Surviving for 15 minutes with McCoy-Oni

“It’s important to consistently upgrade your weapons to enhance their power. Once a weapon reaches its maximum level and you possess all the required items, you have the option to unlock a Treasure Chest and transform it into an evolved weapon. However, it’s crucial to note that not all weapons are eligible for this transformation.”


“Hopefully, this Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the game, covering its gameplay, characters, and weapons in detail. If you have any questions, feel free to ask by dropping your queries in the comments below.”

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