How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Are you a current user of DirecTV services? If so, you’re likely familiar with the subject of today’s broadcast on the DirecTV Weather Channel. In the United States, DirecTV provides satellite television and streaming services, offering a range of channels across different categories. It’s noteworthy that DirecTV is owned by AT&T.

Numerous DirecTV users may have overlooked the channel number and category for the Weather Channel, given that DirecTV has a relatively concise channel lineup. Are you among those users? If yes, you’ve found the right place. This guide will provide you with instructions on how to watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV. Let’s delve into it.

Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

DirecTV currently offers two weather channels, which might be familiar to existing subscribers: AccuWeather on channel 361 and the Weather Channel on channel 362. Both channels provide comprehensive weather forecasts. Notably, the Weather Channel’s prominent feature is AMHQ, hosted by Mr. Sam Champion.


The Weather Channel VS DirecTV

DirecTV removed the Weather Channel due to a disagreement between the two entities. The Weather Channel sought a pay raise from DirecTV, proposing a per-subscriber payment model. DirecTV did not agree to these terms, resulting in the removal of the Weather Channel. After three months, the dispute has been resolved, and the Weather Channel is now available again on channel 362 on DirecTV.

Local Weather Channels

DirecTV offers over 100 local stations, and you can find the weather channel number specific to your location using your local ZIP code. Check the DirecTV website to verify the availability of local channels.

Final Words

You can locate these two weather channels on DirecTV. We hope that these channels will continue to be available on DirecTV permanently. If you are aware of any additional weather channels on DirecTV, kindly share them with us in the comments.

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