Top 10 Ways to Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working in 2024

Are you an active Facebook user? If you are, chances are you’re familiar with the Facebook Marketplace. If you have items you no longer need, you can sell them on the Facebook Marketplace, provided you have a Facebook account. It’s essential for both buyers and sellers to have a Facebook account, allowing for due diligence on potential transactions.

Despite the advantages it offers, such as zero fees for listing items, some users have reported issues with the Facebook Marketplace not functioning on their devices in recent days. To assist you in resolving this problem, we’re here to provide guidance on potential fixes.

How To Fix Facebook Marketplace Not Working 

If you’re a prospective buyer or seller experiencing issues with the Facebook Marketplace on your device, you can rely on the solutions provided below to address and resolve this problem. Let’s explore these fixes:

Fix 1: Rerun The App

To begin, before exploring other solutions, we recommend restarting the app. This provides a fresh start for your Facebook app and can often resolve functionality issues.

This simple restart might be sufficient to fix the Marketplace not working problem, as it resets the app and addresses common errors. Restart the Facebook app and check for improvements.

Fix 2: Clear Cache Data

If a simple restart doesn’t resolve the Marketplace issue, consider clearing the cache files of your Facebook app. Over time, the system stores cached copies of visited pages to expedite loading times upon revisiting those pages.

However, when these cache files become corrupted, various issues may arise. To clear the cache, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Facebook app and select App Info.

Now, choose the “Clear Data” option.

Afterward, press the “Clear Cache” button to eliminate the cache files.

There you have it. Now, restart the Facebook app and verify if you can now access the Marketplace or not.


Fix 3: Re-Login To Facebook

Another effective option to address various errors is to log out and log back into your Facebook account. There’s a possibility that the Facebook app itself is not the issue, and the problem may be associated with your account. Therefore, logging out and then logging back in can be a helpful step. After doing so, check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 4: Make Sure You Are Using An Updated App

Have you verified whether your Facebook app is up to date? There’s a possibility that the Facebook app you’re using could have pending updates, which might be causing the Marketplace to not function correctly for you.

To address this, open your PlayStore or App Store and examine if the Facebook app has any new performance or major updates available. If updates are found, install them on your device and assess if it resolves the issue.

Fix 5: Try Changing Region/Language

There’s a possibility that if you’ve traveled to a different location and haven’t updated it on Marketplace, you may encounter this type of error. However, to address this, follow these steps to change the region and language of your Facebook Marketplace:

  • Click the three vertical lines button at the top-right corner of your Facebook profile.
  • Choose Settings & Privacy, and then navigate to Settings.

Choose “Language & Region” from the left column.

Choose your preferred language. The region settings will be automatically adjusted when you change the language.

Then, click “Save Changes.” That’s it. Now, launch the Facebook app and verify if the issue of your Marketplace not working has been resolved.

Fix 6: Update Your System OS

Sometimes, this type of error occurs due to an outdated version of the system OS. Yes, you heard it right! Several reported cases indicate that users experienced the Marketplace not working or stopped working issue automatically resolving when they updated their system OS. We recommend trying to update your device OS (if available) to see if it resolves the problem.

Fix 7: Check Your Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is essential for using social media applications such as Facebook or Instagram. It’s advisable to verify your internet connectivity.

To check the connection speed, you can use the website and run a speed test. If your device fails in the test, initially addressing that connectivity issue is crucial, and the other concerns should likely be resolved automatically.

Fix 8: Reinstall The App

No success yet? If, despite implementing all the previously mentioned fixes in this guide, you continue to experience issues with the Facebook Marketplace, there’s a possibility that some of your application files may be damaged or corrupted, requiring correction.

To address this, the final option is to reinstall the Facebook application. We recommend uninstalling the Facebook app from your device and then reinstalling it using either the PlayStore or App Store. After successfully reinstalling the app, launch it and check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 9: Contact The Support Team

We apologize if none of the troubleshooting methods we provided proved effective for you. However, there is an alternative to address this persistent error. You can contact the official support team of Facebook Marketplace and seek assistance regarding this issue. They will undoubtedly be able to help you resolve the situation.

How to Search for Something on Facebook Marketplace?

Searching for items on your Facebook Marketplace is straightforward; you can do so by navigating to your profile. Locate your profile picture at the top left of Facebook and select Marketplace. If you don’t see Marketplace, tap “See more” to find it. The top-left corner of the Facebook screen will feature a “Search Marketplace” button.

What Happened to Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace may disappear from the Facebook site or apps if you travel to a country that does not support it. Additionally, your access to Marketplace may be revoked if you violated Facebook’s Commerce Policies or Community Standards.


When it comes to local selling, Facebook Marketplace stands out as a safer and more convenient platform. However, encountering such errors can be quite frustrating for both sellers and buyers. Fortunately, now you are aware of how to address the issue when Facebook Marketplace is not working.

That concludes our guidance on this matter. We hope you find it helpful. If you require additional information about Facebook Marketplace, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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