YouTube com/Activate 2023 | Guide to YouTube Activation

Activating YouTube on your desired device is crucial for streaming content. YouTube stands out as one of the most popular online content streaming platforms and a widely used search engine. Its accessibility is not limited by device or platform, making it available on various devices like mobile phones, computers, and smart TVs. Viewing videos on a larger screen, such as a smart TV, is often preferred over smaller smartphone screens.

But how can you activate YouTube on devices like Playstation, smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi, and others? Activating and setting up YouTube on smart devices to access content is a straightforward process. You can activate YouTube through a few simple steps using In this article, we will explore how to activate YouTube using

Activate Youtube Using

Activating YouTube through is a quicker and simpler process compared to the regular sign-in procedure. The steps are concise, and within seconds, you’ll gain access to the content you were viewing on your mobile phone. streamlines the login and activation process for users. Before proceeding, ensure that the YouTube app is installed on your device. Nowadays, most smart TVs and similar devices come equipped with a built-in YouTube app. However, if your TV lacks the app, you can easily install it.

To do this, visit the respective store on your device and download the YouTube app. On Android TV, go to the Play Store; for Roku, visit the Channel Store; for Playstation, access the PlayStation Store, and so on.

Download and install the YouTube app from the relevant store on your smart devices.


Steps Of Activating Youtube on Smart TV, Kodi, Xbox, PS4

Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the YouTube app on your device, let’s proceed to activate it using Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to activate YouTube:

Step 1: Open the YouTube App on your TV. You can find it on the home screen where all apps are displayed or in the app drawer.

Step 2: In the YouTube app, select the gear icon. Typically, you’ll find the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: The gear icon will open up a list of options. Choose “Sign-in” to log in to your account. Upon selecting Sign-in, an 8-digit code will appear on your screen. Do not close the app at this point, as this code is essential for activating YouTube.

Step 4: Access on your computer or mobile device. Open your browser and navigate to the web address Make sure you are signed in to your Google account on your browser, using the account you wish to access YouTube with and stream content.

Step 5: Upon accessing, you’ll be prompted to enter the 8-digit code displayed on your TV or other connected device where you’re using YouTube.

Step 6. After entering the 8-digit code, click on next to continue. Give access to your Youtube. Now your Youtube will be activated on your device. You will be able to access Youtube content on your device.

What To Keep In Mind During

There are certain things to keep in mind when activating the Youtube account using

  • Ensure you access the correct URL. Do not replace the backslash with the forward slash. The URL is and not\activate.
  • This method works with most smart devices like Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation, Kodi, Roku, or any such device.
  • When you access, you will be headed to the web address –, so you must not worry about that.
  • Ensure that your TV or the smart device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. This is to ensure seamless streaming over the big screen. Also, ensure your phone or the computer on which you will be accessing the device have a stable internet connection.

Final Words

Watching content on a larger screen is more enjoyable than on a smaller one. simplifies the process of activating YouTube on your smart devices. If this article assisted you in activating YouTube on your device, I trust you found the procedure straightforward.

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