Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture

Occasionally, you’ve probably encountered clothing or outfits that caught your eye, whether while scrolling through social media or flipping through a magazine. In those moments, you might have wished for a service that could identify those clothes.

Well, the dream of having a service to identify clothes is now a reality, and you can do it for free through various apps on the Play Store. The Android platform has always been renowned for its app ecosystem, including applications designed for identifying clothes.

Here is a list of the Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture in 2023 that you can use to identify clothes from pictures. These apps can help you recognize and locate those cute dresses and shoes you came across on the web or in public. Let’s take a look.

Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture 2023

Finding similar outfits to those worn by celebrities used to be a challenging task. However, with today’s AI scanning technology, you can easily discover similar styles across the web by capturing a picture of the desired outfit. In some instances, you might even come across an exact match.

Below is a list of outfit finder apps designed to assist you in locating clothes based on pictures, accessible through your mobile device.

1. Photo Sherlock

This Android application simplifies the process of capturing and editing photos. It allows you to search for images from your Gallery or camera. The interface is straightforward compared to other applications. Similar images are identified using the Google and Yandex search engines. This approach can be applied to any photo, not limited to clothing.

2. Google Lens

Google Lens, an image recognition tool, can identify wearables such as clothes, jewelry, or accessories. This system simplifies the process of locating a specific shirt or item you’ve come across. It doesn’t necessarily require taking a photo; just bringing the item into the viewfinder is sufficient. A small blue icon indicates a successful match by Google Lens.

Upon tapping the circle, a Google Shopping page will appear, offering links to various websites, including Amazon and Walmart, for convenient purchases. Google Lens also allows you to link to outfits. When scanning a person’s look, the software automatically detects all the products they are wearing. Android users can download the standalone app Google Lens, while iPhone users can download Google Photos.

3. TruePicShop

TruePicShop, though not widely recognized, stands out as one of the best Android apps for identifying clothing through pictures. This app, equipped with AI-powered image recognition, allows you to explore and shop for items conveniently. Simply open TruePicShop’s camera to search for clothes, or select a picture from your saved gallery to find it on the internet. This feature not only identifies the clothes but also provides shopping links.

4. Amazon Shopping

Amazon’s main shopping app features a clothing-specific search engine known as StyleSnap. To access this feature, tap the camera icon on the Amazon app’s search bar and select StyleSnap from the list.

Once you tap it, the camera view will appear. Point the camera at the clothing item you want to scan, or alternatively, upload a picture from your phone’s gallery.

If the item is found on Amazon, you’ll be presented with recommended product listings. Keep in mind that the Amazon StyleSnap app is currently available only in select regions.

5. CamFind

CamFind is a leading visual search engine available for Android, operating as a mobile app. With CamFind, you can effortlessly search for various items by simply taking a picture on your mobile device. The app excels at identifying clothing, accessories, electronics, and more.

6. is a recently launched Android app that claims to be the ultimate solution for discovering fashion online and receiving personalized recommendations. The app showcases over 1500 brands from more than 350 Indian e-commerce sites, allowing users to make direct purchases. Notably, incorporates a visual search engine employing reverse search technology, enabling users to find visually similar dresses and outfits effortlessly.



ASOS provides a convenient reverse image search feature for discovering clothes through photos on its apps. Users can either upload their own images or capture new ones, with quick processing times for search queries. Typically, the results are accurate.

Once the image is processed, the app will showcase ASOS styles closely matching the search. This makes staying stylish on a budget more accessible than ever. The app displays search results on a per-item basis.

While brand recognition may not be its strongest suit, ASOS offers a diverse selection with 850 brands, ensuring you’ll find something you like. The site also offers shipping to 242 countries.

8. PicFinder – Image Search

This Android app enables you to search for relevant images on the web. It ranks among the best image search applications, utilizing Google image search to present the results. Additionally, it allows users to search based on criteria such as time, size, model, and more. The results also include links to websites where the items can be purchased.

9. Reverse Image Search App

While this method won’t help you identify your friend’s specific dress in her latest Instagram picture, you can still utilize the Reverse Image Search App to conduct general image searches on the web. The app automatically queries Bing, Google, and Yandex based on the uploaded photo, video, or camera input, presenting reverse image search results related to your visuals. You can explore suggested searches until you find the right match. Although the speed and reliability of this option may not be optimal, it serves as an excellent choice for pre-captured images. Please note that this functionality is available only on iPhones, but Android offers various other excellent reverse image search apps.

10. Pinterest

The Lens is a visual search tool accessible in Pinterest’s mobile apps, allowing users to search thousands of posts on the social network using images. Similar to Google Lens, it can identify multiple items, including entire outfits. Additionally, Pinterest displays shopping links for matched products through a partnership with ShopStyle, a company specializing in fashion and lifestyle shopping. Unlike some other platforms, it doesn’t link directly to Amazon or other commerce websites. Pinterest Lens is particularly useful for those interested in discovering obscure fashion pieces, which may be challenging to find using other AI lenses. The app has also gained popularity in the beauty community, offering features like virtual makeup try-ons.

Final Words

That covers the Best Apps To Find Clothes By Picture in 2023. No need to navigate shopping malls armed with outfit pictures for reference when you have an AI clothes finder. Whether you’re searching for the perfect outfit for a friend or identifying a celebrity’s attire on a magazine cover, simply whip out your phone and snap a picture.

But we’re not limited to just fashion; your phone can identify more than just clothing items. From flowers and dogs to wine bottles, the possibilities are endless.

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