How to Fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing 2024

Why am I unable to view the story views on Instagram? Instagram stands as one of the most widely used social media platforms where you can share photos, videos, reels, and stories while staying connected with friends. Lately, users have expressed concerns about their Instagram Story Views not being visible. This issue is user-specific and can occur randomly. Dealing with this problem is not a significant challenge, and if you come across it, this guide is here to help you troubleshoot.

Fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing

This article provides a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting steps to address the issue of Instagram Stories not appearing.


Relaunch Instagram App:

  • If you’re experiencing the problem, try relaunching the app to address potential random bugs. Close the app from the recent apps section, relaunch it, and check if the issue persists.

Restart Your Phone

  • Restarting your phone can help resolve technical glitches causing the inability to view Instagram story views. After restarting, check if the problem persists.

Re-Login To Instagram:

  • Follow these steps to re-log into the Instagram app:
    • Open the Instagram app and tap the Profile icon.
    • Tap the Menu Icon (Hamburger icon) and go to Settings.
    • Tap Log out and confirm.
    • Re-login to your account to see if the story views are visible.

Clear Cache Of Instagram App:

  • Clearing the Instagram cache might resolve the issue. Follow these steps:
    • Tap and hold the Instagram app, then tap App info.
    • In the App Info screen, tap Storage.
    • Tap Clear Cache.
    • Relaunch the Instagram app and check for the issue.

Reinstall Instagram App:

  • If the problem persists, try reinstalling the Instagram app:
    • Tap and hold the Instagram app icon, then tap Uninstall.
    • Confirm uninstallation.
    • Go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), search for Instagram, and reinstall.
    • Log in and check for Instagram Story views.

Use Instagram Web:

  • If the issue is app-specific, try using the Instagram website:
    • Open a browser on your device (phone or PC) and go to the Instagram website.
    • Log in to your account and check if story views are visible.

Contact Instagram Support:

  • If previous steps do not resolve the issue, consider reaching out to Instagram support through the Help Center Page. Report your problem or explore existing user queries.

Final Words:

If you’re unable to view Instagram Story Views, these troubleshooting steps aim to help resolve the issue. Following the guidance provided in this article should assist in fixing the problem you’re encountering with Instagram. If the problem persists, consider contacting Instagram support for further assistance.

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